First baby of new year

Stacy and Nathanael Dohlman with daughter Lexus Lee, who was the first baby of the new year in the Lime Springs-Chester school district.

Besides being the first baby of Stacy (Truka) and Nathanael Dohlman, Lexus Lee is also the first baby of 2010 in the Lime Springs-Chester Elementary School district.

Little Lexus was born January 14, 2010 at 11:16 p.m. and was eight pounds, one-and-a-half ounces and was 21.5 inches long. The couple just liked the name Lexus, but the middle name, Lee, was for Stacy’s mom’s middle name.
The first child of the Stacy and Nathanael is the third grandchild on both sides. Grandparents are Joe and Jane Truka of Lime Springs and Jay and Becky Dohlman of Riceville. Great-grandparents on Stacy’s side are Evelyn Truka of Lime Springs and  Doralee Albertson of Elgin. Great-great-grandparents are Helen Beck of Lime Springs and Dorothy Medberry of Elgin.

Tienter remains president

New board The new board for the Lime Springs Community Club includes, front Butch Burnikel as director and Marcie Klomp and secretary. Back: Curt Tienter as president, Dennis Langreck as vice and Bernard Roesler as director. Not pictued is treasurer Jill Johnson.

Curt Tienter brought a sigh of relief to members of the Lime Springs Community Club by agreeing to be president for a second year. “Dennis Langreck has agreed to be vice-president,” Tienter added, to a round of applause.

Economic Development

(Economic Development Director Ken Paxton spoke at the Lime Springs Community Club meeting on January 18 and also with the Lime Springs Herald about what is happening in Howard County.)

BBQing—New event for Old Settlers

Spiff Slifka

Spiff Slifka suggested to the Chester Partners in Progress (PIP) group to have a barbecue contest as part of Old Settlers Days. Slifka, of Howard County Economic Development and Director of Tourism for Howard County, spoke to the group at its regular meeting on January 13.

She is a tasting judge for Kansas City Barbecue’s sanctioned events and thought having a barbecue during Old Settlers would help pull another group of people to the celebration.
Slifka observed, “The events for Old Settlers are the same as for Riceville and Lime Springs and Elma and the other towns in the area. This barbecue would be something different.”

Year 2009 in review

July 23, 2009
• The Wall that Heals came to Cresco. The half-scale Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall brought out emotions in those who served, those who lost someone and almost everyone who viewed it.

Passing of the Years-part 4

(Editor’s note: This is a story written by Capitola Smith Booth, who lived in Old Town, surrounding area and Lime Springs 145 years ago. It tells of her life at age five to six. It reads a lot like “The Little House Books” of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Everyone is invited to write or call and comment on the story or talk about your own memories “back in the day.”)

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Hazel Davis, 87, Lime Springs

Hazel Marie Davis, 87, of Cresco, Iowa passed away on January 26, 2010 at Evans Memorial Home in Cresco, Iowa.
Hazel was born on February 19, 1922 at home in Fillmore County, Minn. to Tollef and Olena (Hovey) Borgan. She attended a rural school named Hovey, and was a lifelong member of Saetersdal Lutheran Church.
She married John W. Davis on October 25, 1940 in a double wedding with her brother Olaf and his wife Jean at Saetersdal. John and Hazel lived on the Davis family farm north of Lime Springs, Iowa most of their married life. Hazel was an active partner on the family operation. She retired in 1996 after 20 years at the Evans Memorial Home, where she was a dedicated and caring nurse’s aid.

Donald ‘Arlow’ Johnson, 94, LS

Donald Arlow Johnson, 94, of Harmony, Minn. died Friday January 22, 2010 at Harmony Healthcare Center.
He was born on May 7, 1915 in Harmony to Theodore and Bessie Johnson. He attended and graduated from Harmony High School. He worked at the Hanson Drug Store following graduation until entering the U.S. Army in 1941. February 7, 1942 he married his high school sweetheart, June Johnson. To this union three children were born. After being discharged from the service in 1945 he returned to Harmony and continued employment for about a year at Hanson’s Drug Store and the Harmony Creamery before going into business in Lime Springs, Iowa.

Voigt’s Mission Control

Lester Voigt is surrounded by his three computers, two printers, two scanners and much of his Indian collection at his desk in the family’s office.

Dianna’s work station. (She demurely declined to be photographed for the story.)

It might look like NASA’s Mission Control, but in reality, it is just the home office area for Lester and Dianna Voigt of Lime Springs. Many say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but not in the Voigt’s case.

Lester’s rolling office chair gives him access to three computers, two printers, two scanners, a flat-screen television (to keep up on current events . . . or Rachael Ray) and his wife, Di, who has an adjoining, much smaller computer area. She only has one computer and a combination printer-scanner.
Much of Lester’s time, since he retired from Featherlite last July, has been spent in that chair checking out on-line auctions at eBay and Goodwill. “He also looks up a lot of Indian stuff and wars and other history items,” explains Di.

New mayor means business

The new mayor, Barb Robinson, wants spectators to hear what the council is saying, so the entire council now faces out. From left, Roger Lepa, Carla Moser, Deputy Clerk Mary Schatz, Mayor Robinson, Temporary Deputy Clerk Jill Johnson, Kevin Bill, Corey Gates and Gary Klomp.

When Lime Springs Mayor Barb Robinson was elected, those who know her were sure she would take her role seriously. The Lime Springs City Council found out on January 5 how seriously when her first meeting as mayor lasted four hours—compared with the average one hour meeting.