City interested in purchasing fire trucks

A short meeting of the Lime Springs Fire and Rescue Board was held April 20.
City Council member Corey Gates said, “The City is interested in going forward with purchasing the trucks. And, you’d like this done by July 1?”
Forest City Township Trustee Ron Deike agreed. “I don’t see anyone else in the township who would want to do this.” He was referring to the amount of time being spent by the trustees (Deike, Dean Bolton and Shari Bolton) on fire department issues. Ron added, by getting it done by July 1, it gives the trustees the time to get their affairs in order when they pass the job over to the next trustees. “Then we can have just two to three meetings a year.”
The group agreed to meet after the council members, Gates and Gary Klomp, discuss purchasing trucks with the entire council at the next meeting on May 4. Mayor Barb Robinson will also be invited to the meeting.
The next meeting will be May 18, with a tentative date for a meeting set for May 11.

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