Club gets town, county updates

For the majority of the Lime Springs Community Club meeting on April 19, members learned about mentoring from Kathy Schwartzhoff and Howard County happenings from Spiff Slifka. Look for accompanying stories on page 7.
• In Club business, Earl Johnson announced he had sign-up sheets for plant watering for the summer. The Club would appreciate if community members would volunteer to take a week of watering the hanging planters and ground planters around Main Street. The Club recently purchased a Ranger to hold the water tank to aid in watering the plants.
• Plans for the Mother’s Day Salad Luncheon are progressing with Dorene Burnikel getting salads and workers lined up. Even her husband, Butch, offered to bring a salad!
The theme of the program is “African Safari—Destination Tanzania.” It will be put on by Ruthie Fritcher and members of the Junior Community Club.
• Carla Moser told the group “Steve Timmerman and others have been working diligently on the pool.” She explained two-thirds of the pool had been sealed with the last third planned for April 24 or 25. It did rain that weekend, so a day during the week will be needed to finish. Then it needs to set a week before it can be painted.
“Before the pool opens, there is some plumbing that needs done and the guys (Earl Johnson and Butch Burnikel) were working on getting some grates installed.”
She also said the City of Lime Springs has given Timmerman a life-time pass to the pool, even though he isn’t a swimmer!
• Jill Johnson reminded the group a grant had been given to the Club to make the bricks outside the Community Center look nicer and it had to be used. A new contractor will need to be found to do the work and she asked for suggestions. She will continue with the project and keep the club informed.
• Johnson then spoke on behalf of the Community Center Board, explaining some history and future plans.
“Our primary goal is to set up a rate schedule and have more consistency on prices paid for renting the facility. I’m hoping this will stop the complaints about prices not being fair.”
She also explained the rental payments go to the city for expenses. “We still have $215,000 to pay on the building. The only money used for improvements comes from fund-raisers and memorial money.”
She reminded members that proceeds from the Salad Luncheon have been used for kitchen items in the past. This year what is needed is a door for beside the dishwasher and new laminate for the counter top.
• Marcie Klomp said she would organize a booth for the senior and junior clubs for the Silver Cord Fair at Crestwood High School. The fair, where non-profit organizations were to show their stuff was to be held on April 28. If high school students donate 40 hours per high school year, they will get a silver cord around their neck when they graduate.
She suggested some high school students may be able to water plants for their volunteer hours.
• It was mentioned City-Wide Garage Sales will be June 5—the same day as the Lidtke Mill Buckwheat and Buttermilk Pancake benefit.
• Updates were given on committees for Sweet Corn Days.
• The next meeting will be May 17 with Walter McIntosh and Kareen Johnson bringing treats.

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