SALC kicks off capital campaign

In October of 2007, a group of community members gathered and envisioned a child care center to serve the families of Lime Springs, Chester, and surrounding areas. Now, in July of 2010, the Spring Ahead Learning Center is a reality.

Pictures at Community Center

Eight pictures of various landmarks or scenes from Lime Springs are now hanging in the Community Center. The pictures are on loan from the Anna May Davis family. Continue reading

Pool still afloat after 55 years

Area folk have commented the pool is warmer and have been using the pool more this year. The heat has a little to do with it, but so does the newly repaired shallow end.

The Lime Springs Swimming Pool has been one of the most fought for entities in this area. There have been numerous times over the years when its future was questionable, but the townspeople have always rallied and raised funds to keep it afloat since it was built 55 years ago.

George Drtina, 97, Cresco

George J. Drtina, age 97, died Sunday, July 18, 2010, at Regional Health Services Hospital of Howard County in Cresco, Iowa.
George John Drtina was born, March 30, 1913, in Chicago, Ill., the son of Joseph and Frances (Zobeck) Drtina. When he was 11 months old, they moved back to Cresco, where they farmed in Howard Center Township. They later purchased a farm in the Davis Corners area. He attended country school at Howard No. 6. He enjoyed his horses and loved breaking them for field work. When his father took sick, he had to stay home from school and tend to the farm. In his younger years he enjoyed ice skating, fishing, playing baseball and riding horses. He especially enjoyed playing cards with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Jeff Martin, 5, Lime Springs

Jefferson James Martin, 5, of Lime Springs, Iowa, passed away peacefully on July 25, 2010 at Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester, Minn., after his third battle with cancer. He was born  October 29, 2004 in Cresco, Iowa.

Church is up for sale: St. Stephen’s in Chester

St. Stephen’s Church and rectory in Chester are up for sale.

by Eileen Evans

How sad, to see the “For Sale” sign in front of the St. Stephen’s Catholic Church building in Chester. The sign is a sad commentary of our times. A church for sale. A small beautiful church building, along with a rectory building next to it. How sad.
Ironically, this complex was a living, working, vital part of the community five years ago, and then came the decree that this wonderful little parish of area persons would be made into an Oratory and would no longer be the living church these parishioners were used to coming to worship God each weekend.

Youth to improve play area

The Junior Club is paying to have the ball park playground updated.

Tommy Roberts, representative of the Junior Community Club, asked the council’s permission, at the July 6 meeting, to make improvements to the play area at the ball field.

Council recommends removal

The Lime Springs City Council had a special meeting to review the Hacker-Nelson audit report and evaluate the City Clerk position.
City Clerk Larry Gates had given a written request the meeting go to closed session. Those in the meeting were Mayor Barbara Robinson, council members Kevin Bill, Corey Gates, Gary Klomp, Roger Lepa and Carla Moser, Deputy Clerks Mary Schatz and Jill Johnson and Attorney Kevin Schoeberl.
The group was in closed session for nearly two-and-a-half hours. When they emerged, four council members voted to remove Larry Gates from office, subject to a subsequent hearing. Corey Gates abstained.
Mayor Robinson then listed reasons for the recommended removal:
• Negligence
• Possible misappropriation of funds
• Personal use of City computers
• Inattention to duties
The Council set August 3, at its regular monthly meeting, as a state-required hearing when it is recommended a veteran be removed from his/her job.
He has been suspended with pay since a special meeting on November 12, 2009.

Library—Serving LS for 60 years

On any given afternoon, kids can be found working on the computers at the Library.

This year, 2010, marks the 60th anniversary of the Lime Springs Public Library. There have been a few changes over the years, but its main purpose is the same today as it was then—give the people of Lime Springs the gift of books.

Skills team is learning the basics

Ana Gibbs readies to hit the ball.

Everyone is busy nowadays, but some people always find time to do that little extra. Laney Stevenson and the other coaches for the Lime Springs Skills Team are some of those volunteers.

For quite a few years, Lime Springs has had two Super and Pee Wee teams because so many kids wanted to play ball. Unfortunately, some of those kids were inexperienced and it was hard to help them and the older players.
For that reason, a skills team was organized, with kids between ages five and seven. The youngsters meet on Thursdays and are learning the basics of softball. “We, coaches and parents alike, teach them how to bat, field, throw and improve their skills. We also try to stress sportsmanship,” said Stevenson. Because of their practices, she has seen quite an improvement from the beginning of the season.