Area man lucky to be alive following accident

Rex Larson escaped serious injury when the bucket of a tractor came through his windshield.

Rex Larson, a farmer who lives on Highway 9, east of Saratoga, is counting his blessings after an accident last week. Last Wednesday night (October 13), Larson was heading southbound on Holly Avenue in a semi tractor when he stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of Holly Avenue and Highway A-23. There, he encountered a tractor being driven by Marvin Ladwig of Chester. Ladwig was pulling a pair of wagons full of grain and was going northbound on Holly Ave.

Larson explained, “I planned to turn east, so I sat at the corner about 5-10 seconds to make sure he would stop before I turned.”Ladwig’s tractor was sliding, though and didn’t come to a complete stop. As Larson turned, he noticed the loader bucket on the tractor, which was about the height of Larson’s windshield, coming towards him. He ducked quickly and was able to avoid the loader bucket coming through his windshield.“If I didn’t duck, I probably would have been killed,” Larson commented. “When I looked up, the loader was at the level of my head.”Luckily, Larson was not seriously injured. He commented he had a sore neck and jaw, but said that was most likely because of clenching his jaw tightly.


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