Boos Implement ready for snow

Boos sells equipment and all the accessories.

Every time of year is busy for Boos Implement at Davis Corners. (The main office and second location is at New Hampton.) Spring, summer, fall and winter—the John Deere dealer has something for everyone!Salesperson Kevin Bill of Lime Springs said the business sells four different types of John Deere vehicles C-CE (consumer products) and specialty products of agriculture, skid loader/compact excavators and motor sports.Most equipment needed for fall harvest has already been sold, purchased and serviced so it is time to look toward the next season—winter.Agricultural products include utility, row crop and four-wheel drive tractors, combines, tillage equipment, gravity boxes, grain carts, rock pickers and land rollers.Skid loader and compact excavators are self explanatory.Motor sports include utility vehicles, four-wheelers, snowmobiles and dirt bikes.All of those things can be called specialty. But the lawn and garden line pretty much has something for everyone. Included are weed eaters, chainsaws and push mowers. Not to mention  the tractors—lawn tractors, lawn and garden tractors, utility tractors,  garden tractors and compact utility tractors (they all have different attachments). One of the most popular pieces of equipment for sale this fall—and into winter—is the snow blower. Bill says to start thinking about getting a snow blower early. “They are readily available now,” he explains. “But don’t wait till the last minute. The selection goes way down!”There are always the procrastinators who don’t want to think about snow until it hits. Then they need the equipment right now. There is also the customer who thinks he can tough it out by shoveling by hand, until the second or third snowfall. Then he makes a mad dash to Boos to pick up the snow blower! To beat that mad rush, Bill suggests making plans early. Boos does sell some used products but also has a large selection of new equipment. Most items can be delivered within a week-and-a-half.If a person is looking for some equipment for spring, this fall and winter is the time to make plans. “Deere season,” from March to June, always has some great deals and new flyers.In addition to selling John Deere products, Boos is a full service facility. Items can be repaired in the shop or the shop can come to you and the equipment can be fixed on the spot in the country.During the fall and spring busy season, the company has extended hours. In good weather, it is open 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and 7:00-3:00 on Saturday. Sunday there is a technician on call.Boos is very supportive of area groups and organizations. In Lime Springs, a Ranger was loaned to the Community Club for help with watering plants. It paid off for the company as the club purchased a vehicle through them this past year. Other groups the company sponsors are FFA and 4-H.Something many aren’t aware of is the John Deere Ag Tech program at NICC. Bill says he was in the first one. “We were the Guinea Pig class.” The class is a job training course where students have classroom time and time on the job. “We try to sponsor at least one student per year,” Bill explains. Many businesses have been hit hard by the economy but Bill says agriculture is still going strong. “There has been a little bit of a decline in consumer products and a huge decline in motor sports, but the Ag side hasn’t seen the crunch at all.” Bill says the only constant in agriculture is change. One change he has seen over the past few years is the size of lawn mowers. Lawns and acreages are getting cleaned up and more area is being mowed.Some folks who mow a lot come back year after year for mowers. Bill comments about 75 percent of the business that comes in the door is repeat customers. That says a lot for the quality of the product and service.


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