Community Club meets

After the hoopla of Sweet Corn Days and before the frenzied Christmas season, the October 18 meeting of the Lime Springs Community Club was pretty mild.

• It was announced the Junior Community Club was sponsoring a Scarecrow Contest. The contest had not been held for a couple years and the youth decided it was a good thing for the town. Three prizes were to be given away to winners.

• Jason Passmore of Howard County Business and Tourism introduced himself to the group. “I’ve been the director for two months now.” He went on to explain he had done a similar job in Waverly, where he had been for over 10 years.

He said Rockin R Syrup moved into the old cheese factory facility on Golden Ridge. “It is an exciting project as they take the last byproduct at an ethanol plant—the syrup—and apply it to a corn stalk. Kind of like putting sugar on your Frosted Flakes. It saves the farmer feed costs. The owner is a nutritionist by trade so knows how much should be fed to livestock.

”The community of Lime Springs was expecting a biomass company to be built in the area. Passmore broke the bubble by saying those involved were going more toward an investment company. It could happen in the future, but that would be far in the future.

• For Festival of Trees, Spring Ahead Preschool offered to be in charge of getting trees set up if the Community Club took care of the rest, which includes the meal and paying expenses. It will be held November 28, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

• Christmas in Lime Springs will be held one week later, December 5, the first Sunday in December. Betty Roesler reported she already had eight crafters.The Community Center Board is again doing baskets and the Community Club decided to make up a basket again this year.• The group sang “Happy Birthday” to Walter McIntosh.

• President Curt Tienter said the board decided to purchase a tree to put at the ball field in memory of member Earl Johnson. Sam Shroyer was planting it.

• Janelle Mahr and Marian Peter will bring treats to the November 15 meeting.


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