Harlan Stevenson, 81, Lime Sprgs.

Harlan Ross Stevenson, son of M. Ross Stevenson and Laura Irene Larsen Stevenson, was born on a farm near Maple Leaf, Iowa on November 22, 1929, and passed away on January 25, 2011 at the Regional Health Services, Cresco, Iowa.
Harlan’s education began in the country schools of Howard County. In 1942, the Stevenson family moved to a farm near Lime Springs and shortly thereafter Harlan entered grade school in Lime Springs. He graduated from Lime Springs High School in 1950. As a young child, a teenager and as an adult, Harlan worked long hours on the family farm.
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First baby of 2011 named —Jaxon Blegen makes appearance Jan. 6

Hungry and doing well, Jaxon Blegen is cuddles in mama (Lindsay’s) arms.

Lindsay Davis and Don Blegen are going to have their hands full raising their son, Jaxon Scott Blegen. He’s been a loveable bundle of trouble since mid-pregnancy. But he also might bring the engaged couple some luck since he was the first baby born in the Lime Springs-Chester School area in 2011 and received a bunch of prizes donated by local businesses.
The first part of her pregnancy started out fine other than “I craved lots of fruits, melons and asparagus.” The trouble started in October/November at six-and-a-half months. She was nauseous. “It was constant vomiting. I was in the ER at least once a week and they had to give two to three units of fluids.” She had several tests done, and it was finally determined she was low on potassium plus Jaxon was making his presence known. “I carried him low. When he kicked, I would throw up!” She was finally given some anti-nausea medicine and potassium and the last month or so wasn’t so bad . . .  until Jaxon decided to come early.
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Community Club now on Facebook

Left-over chili from Christmas in Lime Springs was dished out to the members of the Lime Springs Community Club who braved the weather before its meeting on January 17.
The Club is getting technical as Marcie Klomp said the Community Club is now on Facebook. “Anyone can type in Lime Springs Community Club and become a friend to receive updates on the club.” Meeting reminders will be sent out and requests for volunteer help and other donations.
• After completing some old business, Curt Tienter handed over the presidency to Dennis Langreck. The new president thanked Tienter for the hard work he did as president.
Business since the last meeting was discussed including the two Christmas activities the group sponsored—Festival of Trees and Christmas in Lime Springs.
Dorene Burnikel noted there were 22-23 trees with 75-80 persons served. She observed the club didn’t make any money but “people seem to come.”
Treasurer Jill Johnson said the club actually loses money on the two activities but the celebration was never meant to be a money-maker for the club. It was more of an appreciation to the community for supporting the club throughout the year.
There was one crock pot of chili left-over from Christmas in Lime Springs from eight roasters. It was finished off before the meeting. Although December 5 was a cold day, Steve Davis still gave out several wagon rides.
Jill Johnson of the Community Center board said, “There were 20-plus baskets donated with the Community Center bringing in $833.00.”
• The next event will be the omelet breakfast sponsored by the Community Club and Boy Scouts. Scoutmaster Mike Johnson was at the meeting to discuss the date for the breakfast, which is a benefit for the swimming pool.
The tentative date is set at April 10, the Sunday before Palm Sunday with times to be decided later.
• Howard County Business and Tourism Director Jason Passmore discussed some upcoming classes. They included an eBay class which was taking place the next day; Quickbooks training in March; and an NICC Smart Start class for new business. He also mentioned the Snowfest weekend taking place January 20-22.
• The hanging planters will be taken to Plantpeddler to be seeded for the summer.
• Dues were officially set at $10.00 for a single person, $15.00 for a couple and $25.00 for a business. The club also accepts any donation. Johnson reminded folks the group is now 501-c3 charitable so donations can be deducted from taxes.
• There will be fewer volunteer hours coming from C US Bank, so the club will have to a little more recruiting for Sweet Corn Days and other activities throughout the year.
• Chalsea Wenthold mentioned a First Aid Class for mental health taking place January 27-28.
• Although the Community Club has purchased and repaired the picnic tables in town, members voted to allow the City of Lime Springs to rent them out. The Club will probably continue to repair them when needed.
• Curt Tienter told the group his son, Scott, started a 400-day mission to Afghanistan. He will be gone for training for six weeks or so and then go to the Middle East.
• The next meeting will be February 21 when Beverley Copeman and Lois Bronner offered to bring treats.

The countdown has begun

Keeping the home fires burning Scott Tienter’s family is counting down the days until his return. Front: Kyleigh and Ethan. Middle: Tristan and Kolby. Back: Scott and Amy.

When the 322nd Engineering Company of Decorah was deployed to Afghanistan on Sunday, January 16, the countdown had already begun for one of our own. Army Reservist, Spec. Scott Tienter,  son of Mary Bielefeld and Curt Tienter, will be gone for over a year with the 162-member unit.He found out last summer he would be going to the war-torn country when he had his two-week training in California. “These six months went by fast,” he observed. “I hope the next year goes by just as fast.”
Since then, he and girlfriend Amy Boehmer and her children Tristan (11), Kolby (10), Kyleigh (8) and Ethan (7) were counting the days. Now they have a new countdown—starting on January 13 at number 400, which is the longest he will be gone. If he comes back sooner than the designated due date, so much the better for the family. Scott adds, “The most we can be ‘in country’ is a full year. The rest of the time would be in training in the U.S.”
There have been many preparations for Scott’s leaving. One of the biggest was moving the family to Lime Springs from Cresco. They moved into the Steve Hughes home in September. Locals may have thought an entire football team had moved into the home with all the bikes parked outside, but it was the family of six, along with their five cats and three dogs!
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Send off for troops

A Mobilization Farewell Ceremony was held in Decorah at Luther College, Center for Faith and Life, on Friday, January 14 for the 162 members of the 322nd Engineer Company.
One of the 162 soldiers who participated in the ceremony was Army Reservist, Spec. Scott Tienter. Those attending the program in support of Tienter were long-time girlfriend Amy Boehmer and her four children, Tristan, Kolby, Kyleigh and Ethan; mother, Mary Bielefeld and Don Ristau; father, Curt Tienter; and Amy’s mother, sister and her children. “My mom said she has two sons-in-law leaving,” Boehmer commented. Her sister’s husband, Tony Roethler,of Elma, was also deployed.
Upwards of 1,500 others attended the ceremony, cheering for their loved ones who left on Sunday, January 16 for Fort McCoy. They will be training for six weeks or so and then leave for Afghanistan.
Nineteen state flags surrounded the arena to represent the 19 different home states of those being deployed. The unit is made up of about 70 members who train monthly in Decorah and 90 who were assigned to the unit after it got its orders. (The unit was down about 50 percent in personnel.) They have been training together since August in preparation for leaving in January.
In Afghanistan the unit’s mission will be general construction on bases in the southern part of the country. Tienter is an all-wheel vehicle mechanic.
It was mentioned over 6,000 yards of yellow ribbons have been distributed around Decorah to be put around trees, etc. Perhaps Howard County can do the same to show our support of those who have someone serving.

They’re getting the ‘scoop’

Roving Reporters Those students writing for the student newspaper are, from left: Amiah DeWolf, McKenna Brandt, Kolby Forino, Lyanne Wells, Harry Kitchen, Autumn Nelson, Mattie Slavin, Kyleigh Boehmer and Alexis Gosnell.

Everyone used to be familiar with The Little Herald and Chester Chatter. Now, not so much. But there is a group of students at Lime Springs-Chester Elementary who are trying to revive the old student newspaper.
They have been meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays, when advisor Miss Kanessa Jones, doesn’t have prior commitments. Student reporters are Kolby Forino (fourth grade), Autumn Nelson (fifth), Amiah DeWolf (fourth), Mattie Slavin (third), Harry Kitchen (fourth), Lyanne Wells (fourth), Alexis Gosnell (fifth), McKenna Brandt (fourth) and Kyleigh Boehmer (third).
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Lime Springs Council hears reports

Updates and reports on various items were given at the Lime Springs City Council meeting on January 4. The Council will have a budget workshop before the next regular meeting.
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Alliant Energy grant received

Robert Danner, customer service manager, presents a check to Lime Springs Fire Chief Tony Roberts and Mayor Barb Robinson.

On Tuesday January 4, Alliant Energy Manager Robert Danner delivered a $2,000 check for the Alliant Energy Hometown Challenge Grant the Lime Springs Fire Department  received.
Mayor Barb Robinson said, “We are so grateful for local foundations, like the Alliant Energy Foundation, that provide grant money for desperately needed equipment that our budget just cannot accommodate.”
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Rice to perform at Telethon

Taylor Rice will again be performing at the Eagle’s Cancer Telethon. She will appear at 5:13 a.m. on Sunday, January 16. The Telethon is being broadcast on KTTC in Rochester.

Keep voting at Pepsi Refresh

The Pool and Ball Park project is hovering around 80th place and needs to move up to 10 or less to receive the $25,000 requested.
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