City Departments give reports

The various City departments gave their reports at the Council meeting on February 15.
Fire Board/Department
The Council approved Cole Lewis’ application to the Fire Department. Mayor Barb Robinson stated, “He is of proper age and is in the process of taking FireFighter One training.”
Robinson joked, “Thanks to Mother Nature, the snow piles are going down.”
Some of the piles were removed by Kitchen Construction who had the low bid of $1,500 to remove the snow. Balk Lime & Ready Mix bid $1,600.
She said there were no bids for the first round of cleaning snow off the sidewalks because of the height of the snow and the difficulty in getting it cleared to the cement. There were two bids for removing the snow after the walks were cleared—Jerry White and Johnson Lawn Care.
Not much can be done without the cleared walks and with the warming temperatures it was hoped the sidewalks would clear off from Mother Nature take care of themselves until next year when bids will go out in October.
Councilman Corey Gates asked who had authorized putting the ad in the paper. “Decisions need to be brought before the Council for things going in the paper.”
Councilman Kevin Bill then asked, “What about those who don’t have a sidewalk?”Robinson replied, “The ordinance book doesn’t say anything about making a path, only keeping the sidewalk clear.” She read the ordinance, which also states the Council has the right to make residents and businesses put in a sidewalk.
Mary Stevenson came before the board with the Library report. She listed all the events happening at the Library in the past month and coming month. They included a reading program for adults, Adult Game Night, Bingo, After School Fun and the adult puzzle.
New events include a movie matinee and family movie night.
Assistant Librarian Tammy Kelly moved and had to resign. The board hired Kareen Johnson to replace her.
Also, Betty DeRuiter and Phyl Stevenson had both resigned as board members. Mayor Robinson appointed Doc Lyon and Jill Johnson to fill their positions.
Community Center
Nobody was available to give the report.
Pool and Parks
Carla Moser said a meeting was being held the following Tuesday to get ready for the coming season. She asked for permission from the Council to apply for two grants to the Howard County Community Foundation—“one for the pool and one for the ball diamond. Bleachers are needed behind home plate and lights are needed around the pool.”
Holly Kitchen also asked for permission to apply for the Community Foundation Grant and the Grace Hughes Grant, when it is available. “I also want permission to remove all old equipment at the park and install new—all except the horses, which we are looking to re-do.”
Moser spoke for the Spring Ahead Learning Center, “The Winter Gala went well. We made $6,500 on the live auction and $1,500 on the meal. We got a lot of good feed back. The timeline hasn’t changed since last time. We are looking at breaking the ground in early fall.”
Robinson asked about the cuts to preschool made by the Iowa legislature.
Moser responded, “I’m not sure what will happen, but the school will probably have to start charging for preschool.”


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