Commission appointments

Each year, the mayor has to make appointments to various commissions. Council members are split between the commissions. Mayor Robinson explained some commissions are standing and some are temporary. There were also several that were obsolete and needed to be removed.
At the February 15 Council meeting, three commissions were removed. They included Street Lights-Parks; Weed Commission; and Library Board (the Library already reports directly to the City).
Anyone with issues on any of the following commissions can contact the appropriate Council member for advice or complaints.
Finance Committee: Kevin Bill, Carla Moser
Water-Sewer-Waste: Roger Lepa, Corey Gates
Building Approval for all building permits: Gary Klomp, Roger Lepa, Corey Gates, Kevin Bill
Civil Defense: Roger Lepa, Gary Klomp
Health: Lime Springs Medical Clinic
LS Park & Pool Board: Carla Moser, Gary Klomp
Fire Board: Corey Gates, Gary Klomp
Fire Chief: Tony Roberts
Mayor Pro Tem: Kevin Bill
City Attorney: Kevin Schoeberl
City Employees Supervisory Committee: Kevin Bill, Carla Moser
City Employees Safety Committee: Carla Moser, Kevin Bill, Tony Roberts
2010-2011 Temporary Committees
Personnel Policy Committee: Kevin Bill, Corey Gates, Barb Robinson
Maintenance Worker(s) Job Description Committee: Roger Lepa, Kevin Bill, Barb Robinson
City Clerk Job Description Committee: Carla Moser, Gary Klomp, Barb Robinson


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