Council members given authorization to City accts.

City Maintenanceman Dennis “Nav” Grabau shows he carries a knife—and sometimes two. Seeing the “weapon” the Council decided to continue with a non-policy for carrying weapons into the Community Center. It was mentioned most people use common sense with any type of weapon.

After having to move and then postpone the February City Council meeting and budget workshop, the Council finally met on February 15.
The Council usually meets the first Tuesday of the month but February 1 was the PPEL vote for Howard-Winneshiek. Government meetings and elections cannot take place at the same place, so the meeting was moved to February 2. Unfortunately, the City’s computer caught a virus and couldn’t give printouts for the Council members until it was fixed. The meeting was then postponed until this past Tuesday.
• The first item on the agenda was giving each council member, mayor and clerk authorization to look at any account under the City’s federal ID number.
• Resolution 021511-2 was approved which basically makes any individual or organization writing a grant under the City’s federal ID number to first seek approval from the City. The City also requires a copy of all paperwork and updates on the project. All funds will go through the City’s general fund.
Since the City is responsible for all grants, it needs to know that all the grant’s guidelines are being met.
• Council members looked at delinquent water bills and made decisions on how to proceed.
• Missy’s Bar & Grill was approved for a liquor license. Owner Kevin Bill abstained from voting.
• Mayor Barb Robinson received about 75 phone calls for the city clerk position and had over 20 applications come in. Copies of the applications will be given to Council members who will break it down to about five to come in for interviews. They will decide on the five after the budget hearing on March 8.
• The golf cart issue (deciding on how to allow golf carts on City streets) was postponed until the next meeting.
• The new weapons law was discussed. Robinson said, “If we post no weapons allowed, we can’t even have a BB gun on display for a raffle without going against the law.”
Councilman Kevin Bill said he was not in favor of putting up a sign. For emphasis, he asked, “Nav (Dennis Grabau), do you have a knife?” He pulled two out of his pocket. “That’s a weapon.”
Councilman Corey Gates declared, “I don’t think we need to worry about weapons.” He inferred most people use common sense, so the Council made a decision not to put up a sign and keep the policy the same.
• Annual donations and dues were given to Community Action, Helping Services and Friends of Tree City USA.
• Each City department gave its report, which is found in a separate article.
• The next Lime Springs City  Council meeting will be Tuesday, March 1 at 7:00 in the Community Center. A budget hearing will be held March 8 where members of the community can ask questions about the budget.
All Council meetings are open to the public.


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