Celebrating end of war

Roger Lepa holds the Lime Springs WWII Victory Celebration poster that was framed by Randy Lloyd, who donated it to the Community Center.

Another piece of Lime Springs history is being preserved thanks to the efforts of former resident Randy Lloyd of Cedar Rapids.Roger Lepa said, “Randy was always a helluva nice kid. It’s great that he still remembers us.”

Lloyd found the Victory Celebration poster and matted and framed it. The celebration took place August 23-24 in 1946. Although World War II ended in 1945, the town decided to wait to celebrate until 1946. It could be the celebration was instigated by Lime Springs Herald editor Carl Cassidy.Cassidy had to shut down production of the paper from September 24, 1942 until July 11, 1946 while he was in the Army. When he returned, most other soldiers had also returned and the celebration was planned by Lloyd L. Horton American Legion Post No. 545.Also being celebrated was Lime Springs being the Iowa State Champion in Membership to the American Legion. As of July 11, 1946, The local Legion had a membership of 220, “an outstanding membership for this size town,” said the Herald.

Kenny Peter gives a reason why Lime Springs did so well with membership. “I remember when you got home from World War II, when you walked down the street, either Dr. Buresh or Charlie Fish grabbed you by the throat to get you to join the Legion!”As you can see by the poster, part of the celebration included a Kittenball Tournament, Concert by Lime Springs Band, Street Sports including foot races, Tug-of-War and other events. There were also amusements and rides for all ages, concessions, food stand and Bingo. A raffle was being held with an electric washing machine being given away Friday night and an electric refrigerator being given away on Saturday.Fisher’s six-piece band was performing on the 40×90 hardwood floor of Charlie Schacht’s Garage (now the warehouse for Lime Springs Feed & Equipment). Peter remembers the dance floor was portable. “In the winter it was a dance floor and in the summer it was put in the park for roller skating.”With all those soldiers who left as boys and came back men, the celebration was definitely one for the papers!


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