Lime Springs is hopping

A sure sign of a stagnant community is when nothing is going on. Well, that can’t be said about Lime Springs thanks, in part, to the Community Club. Although attendance was down to just a dozen  at the monthly meeting on February 21 the group was looking toward spring and summer activities.
• The next community event is the Omelet Breakfast, a benefit for the pool. The Community Club, Boy Scouts and Park and Pool Board sponsor the breakfast.
Donations of money are welcome at the Lime Springs Locker to help pay for supplies for the breakfast. Other items needed are onions, green peppers and muffins. A bake sale will also be held.
• Marcie Klomp offered to be in charge of the Easter Egg Hunt again with help from the Junior Community Club.
• The Junior Club was sponsoring a Family Game Day on February 26 at the Community Center. Klomp was impressed with the kids. “When talking about snacks, they said they wanted healthy snacks. So they are learning something.”
New officers for the club are Peder Brevig as president and Tommy Roberts as vice president.• President Dennis Langreck said, “The walk/bike path project is moving forward slowly. We are getting to take a tentative path to the county.”
• Any business or organization can add its name to the wayfinding signs for a fee. A business was asking the cost and it will be figured out for this year.
• Jill Johnson told members the City had to make some big budget cuts. “A total of $31,500 was cut from the pool, community center, parks, library and fire department.” She wanted feedback from the Club on whether members thought all the groups should get together for fund-raisers. “Otherwise we could fund-raise this town to death,” she observed.
Langreck said, “I think it’s a really good idea to get the groups together.”
Johnson added the funds could be run through the Community Club. Being a 501 (c)3 organization it would allow for tax deductible donations.
• Langreck challenged the members to recruit new members. He said that looking around at members of the club, younger members are needed. Butch Burnikel commented, “That would be great, but people come out of the woodwork to help at Sweet Corn Days.”

• Langreck will look into sand blasting or the planters so they will be ready for spring planting. He mentioned his son is looking for some Silver Cord hours. (The Silver Cord program requires high schoolers to donate 40 hours each year to be able to wear a silver cord around their neck at graduation.)
• For Sweet Corn Days, Johnson said Jeff Wilson doesn’t want to run the ball games any more. He has been running them for 12 years. Dustin Kraft and Kelly Johnson have agreed to take over the games, but did not want to take on the concession stand.
They plan to limit the number of teams so the majority of the games can be played in Lime Springs and not run until 2:00-3:00 a.m.
The food stand could possibly be run by the five City organizations mentioned earlier.
• Dues are payable at any time.
• The Club is still looking for a vice president and director. After the meeting, Walt McIntosh offered to be vice president and take over the presidency in January. Steve Johnson offered to be director. This is the earliest in a long time the Club has a full board.
• The next meeting is March 21. Dorene and Butch Burnikel offered to bring treats.


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