‘Park of a different color’

Heather Knutson spoke to the Lime Springs Council on March 1 about a number of plans she and the Brown Park Committee have for the coming year.
“The theme we have is ‘Park of a different color.’”
The group wants to have bright colors to make the park stand out to those passing by. Some of the ideas she mentioned include:
~ Have a dance at the tennis court on Friday night of Sweet Corn Days
~ Have an art show at the tennis court on Saturday afternoon of Sweet Corn Days
~ Paint the shelter
~ Have some picnic tables repaired
~ Put automatic lights in the rest rooms
~ Put locks on doors at curfew in the rest rooms
~ Get different, colorful garbage receptacles
~ Before May 1 have the horses and donkeys powder coated with bright colors and put mulch under them for safety
~ Refresh the horseshoe pits and sandbox
~ Under the big play equipment clean out the mulch and put down plastic
~ Get new nets for the tennis court and basketball hoops
~ Paint the tennis court
~ Replace part of fence
~ Remove the uneven bars
The group had first thought to take out the wooden structure for safety but then decided to sand, repair and paint it for at least another year.
Knutson continued, “We want to have a fund-raiser on May Day. We will have a community pot luck with a Power Point presentation to show what colors and what will be done. Mike McAbee has agreed to play from 1:00-3:00 p.m. and perhaps donate 100 CDs to help with expenses”
The group applied for a Howard County Community Foundation grant and was hoping to get Captain Planet and Home Depot grants.
The next meeting of the Brown Park Committee is March 23 at Missy’s at 7:00.


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