Wild Game Feed

Strap on the feed bag! It’s time for the 17th annual FREE Wild Game Feed, sponsored by the Lime Springs/Chester Fish and Game Club. The potluck dinner will be Saturday, March 19.
All sorts of unusual dishes are bound to show up at the potluck. There will be bear, elk, rabbit, coon, moose, deer and maybe some turtle.
The annual feed will be at the Chester Community Center . . . where else can a group feed over 400 hungry diners? The social hour begins at 5:00, during which time folks will have plenty of time to look over the items for auction and buy some raffle tickets. The potluck dinner starts at 6:00 p.m. SHARP!
Those attending are encouraged to bring a dish to pass—it can be wild game, tame game, salad or dessert. If you are not adventurous, there are still plenty of dishes other than wild game to choose from to satisfy your appetite.
The Fish and Game Club will be collecting memberships and selling cook books and  raffle tickets. Raffle tickets are divided between three different tables—women’s, children’s and general. Items on the raffle include fishing and camping equipment and other items donated by area businesses and individuals.
The big attraction for the general raffle is the four rifles, which are drawn first, but announced last. This year’s rifles include a 12 gauge Mossberg, a 20 gauge Mossberg, a Ruger 1022 and a muzzle loader-50 caliber.
Special auctions will be held for a five ft. by five ft. ice fishing hut with auger and sled, a gun cabinet and a couple of wildlife prints.
One hundred percent of the proceeds from this major social event will be reinvested in habitat and wildlife conservation.


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