Community Club makes plans for upcoming events

The Lime Springs Community Club has a full slate of officers after its last monthly meeting on March 21. Walter McIntosh was voted in as vice-president and Steve Johnson as director to round out the board. Also on the board are Dennis Langreck as president, Jill Johnson as treasurer, Marcie Klomp as secretary and Bernard Roesler as director.
• In other business, the youth will start getting ready for the flag project and Easter Egg Hunt.
• Langreck met with Harold Chapman of Howard County Conservation about the bike/walk trail to Lidtke Mill. The next step is to get support from the City Council and Board of Supervisors. The Community Club offered its support by using its 501 C3 status for grants and tax-deductible donations.
• The Omelet Breakfast is coming up fast. Club members were told the Girl Scouts offered to bake all the muffins, but donations from the public are being sought for items on the bake sale. Monetary donations can be dropped at Lime Springs Feed & Equipment for other supplies.
• Langreck is working on getting the ground planters sandblasted in readiness for the summer season of planting flowers and watering.
• Dorene Burnikel will be in charge of the Mother’s Day Luncheon to take place on Saturday, May 7.
• The Brown Park Committee asked the group to have several fund-raisers and events over Sweet Corn Days. The committee is planning a dance on Saturday night before the street dance, from 6:00-8:00 and will also have an art display in the tennis court on Saturday afternoon.
• Jill Johnson is preparing a letter to send to the Fire Department, Library, Community Center and Pool & Park Boards to see how many would be interested in participating in the joint fund-raising effort of running the ball tournament food stand this year over Sweet Corn Days.
Janelle Mahr offered to bring treats to the April 18 meeting.


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