Youth wrestling produces winners

Placed at state Trae Pecinovsky (second in fifth/sixth grade division) at 115 pounds; Stone Peckham (second in third/fourth) at 100 pounds; and Brandon Mayer (sixth in seventh/eighth at 90 pounds. (Photo submitted)

The best way to be the best at any sport is to practice, practice, practice. That’s how Crestwood has turned out top state wrestlers for years. And to give those kids more experience, many start young—even in preschool.
A few weeks ago, the local first and second graders were featured. This week, the focus will be on the local third through eighth graders. These wrestlers will be representing Crestwood in a few years.
The boys are involved in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) with Cresco Youth Wrestling Club. They have been busy wrestling at various tournaments all winter. On March 12, they went to Waverly for the state qualifier for District 3. The top four were able to go on to the state tournament on March 26-27.
Locals who participated in the third and fourth grade were Gabe Lewis at 65 pounds; Stone Peckham at 100 pounds; Ross Niewoehner at 70 pounds; and Hunter Fousek at 75 pounds.
In Waverly, Gabe Lewis took first with a record of 4-0; Stone Peckham also took first going 2-0; Ross Niewoehner  just missed out with a fifth place finish and record of 5-2; Hunter Fousek also took fifth going 4-2.
Hunter’s dad, Clint, commented, “It is just amazing to see the progress Hunter has made each and every week. Too bad the year is coming to an end. We’ll get them next year.” Hunter’s overall record was 27-19 with 19 pins.
Stone Peckham (fourth grade) had a record for the year of 29-4 and his brother Sawyer (fifth) had a record of 10-6.
From the fifth and sixth grade group, Chance Throndson wrestled at 70 pounds and took second place with a record of 2-1.  Judd Grover, at 85 pounds, had a record of 1-2.
Earlier this year, Gabriel Lewis placed sixth at the Iowa Grade School State Championship in Des Moines and was second at USA State in Cedar Falls.
Austin Lewis was the local seventh and eighth grade boy participating in the Waverly tournament. He ended up taking second at 130 pounds.
To show what a great young team the Cresco Youth Wrestling Club has, 14 of the 25 competing at Waverly moved on to state! Boys qualifying for state included Chance Throndson, Gabe Lewis, Stone Peckham, Michael Millage, Kaden Anderlik, Shane Vokaty, Jon Henry, Brandon Mayer, Chase Lienhard, Brady Bergan, Trae Pecinovsky, Austin Lewis, Trevor Trende and Ryan Steffen.
Coming home with wins were Stone Peckham of Lime Springs for second, Trae Pecinovsky of Cresco for second and Brandon Mayer of Cresco for sixth.
Remember these names as they will be wrestlers to contend with in years to come.


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