LS City may euthanize running dogs

Council members Kevin Bill, Corey Gates and Gary Klomp review the employee handbook before approving it.

Enforcement of ordinances was an issue at the last City Council meeting on April 5. Dogs are running loose in town, although there is an ordinance to keep them tied up.
Mayor Barb Robinson said, “We don’t have a dog catcher, a place to put them or transportation. The city attorney says to shoot them.” Resident Duane Copeman said that is what happens in Protivin. Robinson added she didn’t want that to happen, but what choice did the council have?
Other enforcement issues were raised by Walter McIntosh who questioned the enforcement of the golf cart resolution passed at the meeting. He said trailers are still allowed to park on a street that says “no parking.” Kevin Bill answered the sheriff is suppose to police that, not the council.
In other business, spring is in the air and all the entities under the City of Lime Springs gave their update on upcoming events and activities.
Fire Department/Board
Fire Chief Tony Roberts said a grass fire took place on Saturday, April 2 on the north side of town. He also talked about the newest member of the department. “Cole [Lewis] is right now testing [for FireFighter One].”
• Dennis Grabau told the Council Mel Johnson had offered to help sweep the sand off Main Street for free. “He would like to donate that.” The Council agreed if he was willing to donate the time to take him up on his offer.
• Council member Kevin Bill asked if he could bore a line from his yard to the sewer because he gets water in his new basement. Council had no problem since he was footing the bill.
Janelle Mahr spoke of the many activities taking place at the Library, including Bingo, reading programs, social event, National Library Week, movies and a book reading and signing by local author Larry Reis.
She added, “In February, 724 items were checked out, there were 591 patrons and Jason Rubin resigned.”
Mayor Robinson said she would get with Mahr about appointing a new board member.
Community Center
• Jill Johnson reported Alliant Energy had done an energy audit. “We got suggestions on ice dams on the roof.” A suggestion was to put some spray foam around the I-beam connecting the fire station and Community Center.
• “We are also trying to find better supply prices and working with the pool, Library etc. to get all our supplies together to maybe save money.”
• Carla Moser reminded Council the Omelet Breakfast was on April 10  at the Community Center.
“A lot has been donated. We only needed to purchase ham and eggs from the Locker.”
The Boy Scouts were mixing up the eggs up Saturday in readiness for cooking them on Sunday and the Girl Scouts were making all the muffins.
• Ball sign-up will be on May 7.
• She is working on “Keep Iowa Beautiful” and “Build with Bags” grants.
• She added, “Holly Kitchen said the horses in Brown Park are to be painted for a total cost of $400-500.” The committee is also putting up a sign explaining the updating project and April 16 is a Clean-Up Day at Brown Park.
Spring Ahead Learning Center
Moser said bids will be taken in July so ground breaking can be in September. Donations are at $91,000 with $100,000 needed for the new facility.
• The Council discussed solutions for a large leak found at a local residence resulting in a $1,600 water bill. They decided to charge for one-quarter of the water bill and skip the sewer.
Along the lines of water bills, Grabau was told not to accept cash when going to disconnect for non-payment of bill. Residents will have to take the cash to City Hall.
• Clerk Mary Schatz was able to work on the phone bill, getting $12.20 deducted each month.
• The Council will also publish abbreviated minutes with the full minutes available at City Hall.
• If lights are disconnected at the pool and ball park each fall and reconnected in the spring, it would save the City $500 per year.Other business
• The Golf Cart Resolution was read for the final time, allowing golf carts to be driven around town with proper permits.
• The Mick Browns will need a permit to change their driveway.
• The employee handbook was approved. Bill pointed out, “This is a work in progress. It is not set in stone.”
• Mowing bids were let. They included Mel Johnson getting the pool and ball park; Wanda Knutson—Kitchen Park; and Nicole Klomp—Brown Park. It was later decided to hire Bernard Roesler to do the water tower because the winning bidder was too young.
Mel Johnson was also given the bid on mowing residents who aren’t mowing their own lawn.
• Marcie Klomp was given permission for the flag contracts for the Junior Community Club to be put in the water bills.
• The next meeting will be May 3 when there will be a public hearing for a budget amendment.


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