LS hires new city clerk

As of May 1, Mary Schatz is Deputy Clerk and Carla Moser is City Clerk for the town of Lime Springs.

To the shock of a few, Carla Moser resigned from her position as Lime Springs City Council member. It made more sense a few minutes later when she was named the new city clerk. She will take over her duties on May 1. At the April 14 special meeting, Brian Johnson, who had the next highest votes at the November 2009 election, was appointed to fill Moser’s position. On page seven of this paper is the notice of intent, which gives citizens the chance to petition Johnson’s appointment.

Corey Gates, who, along with Kevin Bill, was on the hiring committee said there were six interviews and “I make a motion to appoint Carla Moser to the city clerk position.” She is considered part-time with no benefits, including vacation, overtime or holiday pay. The job may go full-time in the future.

• Other business brought before the council included a building permit to cement the driveway of Amanda Ullom. She also asked to put in some landscaping in the corner of her lot. Councilman Gary Klomp motioned to allow the driveway but wanted neighbors’ permission before putting in the landscaping. “I want to prevent problems like we’ve had in the past,” he explained. The council approved the permit with the understanding neighbors are to be asked about landscaping. Also, a sidewalk replacement was granted at the Larry Gates residence.

• City maintenance was given permission to purchase cold patch blacktop for some holes around town.

• K&H Oil has purchased the LP business of Ostrander Farmers Co-op. Rumors were circulating that more big tanks were to be brought in at the old Thermogas property on the west edge of town. Mayor Barb Robinson said, “It is not true. They are taking the bigger tank out and bringing in four to six 500-gallon empty LP tanks for storage.”

• Mayor Robinson told the council it needed to think about what to do about sidewalks. In the past, residents have been allowed to take out an old sidewalk without replacing it. That makes enforcing the snow shoveling ordinances difficult. “Do home owners need to shovel if there is no sidewalk?” was her question. The issue will be discussed at the next council meeting on May 3. Council meetings are open to the public.


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