Softball, pool will keep kids busy this summer

Kim and Harry Kitchen sign up for summer softball. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, call Laney Stevenson.

Carla Moser updated the Lime Springs City Council on softball and swimming pool events. At the May 3 meeting, she said there was to be a sign up on May 7. “We are also looking for coaches.” Laney Stevenson is in charge of softball this year.


She also gave the board’s recommendations for lifeguards for summer 2011, which were accepted. The manager will again be Raquel Ristau with Haley Ollendick as assistant manager. “We are going to ask that one or the other be working at all times because a lot of the guards are young or working for the first year.”

Other guards will be Kathleen Bohr, Candace Bohr, Lattie Crozier, Nicole Klomp, Abby Thomas, Jarek Burke, Sarah Pisney, Tom Skoda and Jacob Langreck.

The cost of swimming changed this year. It will still be $3.00 to swim during the afternoon, but instead of that evening being free, it will cost an additional $2.00 for an evening swim.

Tentative opening day is Saturday May 28 with an open house being planned for Memorial Day evening, May 30.

The Pool and Park Board are having a garage sale during City-Wide sales on Saturday, June 4. “We are looking for donations.

The garage sale will be held in the basement of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.”

Moser said the pool and park both applied for grants. The pool is trying to get new lighting and the ball park is trying to replace the large set of bleachers.

The pool is also looking for someone who has their CPO (Certified Pool Operator) status. Sam Shroyer has had the certification in the past but is not in the area during the week.

Moser was happy to report the pool and park received a grant for three picnic tables from Build With Bags.

Brown Park

The Brown Park Committee was told it would report to the Pool and Park board in the future.

Heather Knutson offered to lock and unlock the bathrooms at the park since she lives across the street.

She added the committee would like to see speed limit and children at play signs near the park. Since it is a county road, Knutson will talk to the county about rules.

Grabau will try to fix the tennis court so it cannot be taken down by kids who want to ride bikes on the court. “There is still five feet on either side of the net to ride,” Knutson explained.

Council member Corey Gates offered to look into options for the broken light switch at the tennis court.

It was mentioned there is mold on the shingles on the north side of the shelter, which would need to be replaced.

Also, the hedge on the west side of the park was trimmed and it was found it was all dead underneath. The intention is to replace the hedge at the end of the summer.

Holly Kitchen asked about the bank account. Those authorized to sign checks will be Carla Moser (as co-chair of the Pool and Park Board), Kitchen and Knutson. Kitchen was told all grants are put into the City account.

She asked if benches could be purchased since some folks have said they’d rather sit on benches than the available picnic tables.

A potluck was held May 1 with about eight residents showing up. The day was cold and windy. The committee will set up another potluck in the future.

The group was reminded the Farmers Market would begin meeting on Saturday mornings in a few weeks.


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