Pleasant Hill Cemetery appeals for help

Lime Springs residents and former residents are being asked to give donations to help with the upkeep for Pleasant Hill Cemetery. The cemetery does not receive tax money and costs have risen steadily over the last several years. Gifts may be sent to Wilton Thomas, P.O. Box 122 or Donna Ihns, 207 W. Franklin St., both of Lime Springs, Iowa 52155 or any board member of donations can be left at City Hall.

“Where Have all the Flowers Gone?”

By Donna Ihns

That song was sung to stop a war;

Each flower meant a grave.

On Memorial Day, we go once more

And take flowers to the brave.

So many wars, so many dead:

The flowers say “We care.”

The poppies sparkle, bright and red.

Our memories are there.

And other loved ones lie there too;

Our relatives and friends.

We bring them flowers, sweet and new

For love that never ends.

We put the flowers gently there

On a carpeting of green.

But that green carpet, soft and fair

Has costs that are not seen.

Someone must mow, and whip and weed;

Trim trees and rock the roads.

And paint the fence and buy the seed

And carry heavy loads.

So when you buy your flowers sweet

For Memorial Day celebration,

Give, too, to keep the cemetery neat

And ready for decoration


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