Yes, they ‘Gathered at the River’

Pastor Maureen Hagen had the youth stand in a pool of water during the children's sermon.

After being rained out for the past two years, the weather was perfect for this year’s Ecumenical Father’s Day Service, held at Lidtke Mill complex.

Pastor Maureen Hagen, of St. Paul and Saetersdal Lutheran Churches, gave the service to the sounds of the river falling over the dam and the birds singing in the trees. She spoke of the many references to water in the Bible and even had the children stand in a pool of water for the youth’s sermon.

As always, some Father’s Day questions were asked, such as who was the oldest father attending. That honor went to Floyd Foote at 98, Bob Freel was a close second. The father with the most children was Kenny Mensink with seven. The father who drove the furthest was Don Hughes from Aiken, Minn. and the newest father was Dan Gibbs.

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No time to be bored

The kids in the Wisdom & Wellness program wiggled their butts as they moved around during game time.

All parents hear in April and May is “I wish school were out.” After about week one of no school they complain, “I’m bored.” A good way to keep your kids from getting bored over the summer is by keeping them busy. That’s easy to do in Lime Springs.

• Parents can send them to the Wisdom & Wellness Program being held at the Lime Springs-Chester Elementary School. Youth can join the program at any time. The first session is coming to a close this week.

The different classes offered from June 13-14 included “Heroes, Villains and Monsters, Oh, My! (for ages 3-5) and two classes for ages 6-12, including “Go Green” and “Tons of Fun.”

The second session is for just one week and is in conjunction with Vacation Bible School. During this week, June 27-July 1, children can still be dropped off at the school, but the course will be conducted at the Lime Springs United Methodist Church.

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2011 Grace Hughes Foundation recipients

The list of those organizations which were granted money from the Grace Hughes Foundation are listed below, with the designated project.

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Chester Tractor Pull results

Dana Ruggeberg

Numbers held steady for the annual Old Settlers Day Tractor Pull on June 11 with 59 pulls. The pull was held between Ostrander Farmers Coop and Chester Fire Station. It featured antique tractors—1967 and older—and open classes. They ranged in weight from 4,000 pound to 10,500 pounds.

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Gladys Schmitt, 90, Cresco

Gladys Schmitt, 90, of Cresco, Iowa passed away peacefully on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at the Evans Memorial Home in Cresco, Iowa.

Gladys Martha, daughter of Charles and Lucy Bouska Deweese, was born on May 26, 1921, on the family farm in Fayette County near Waucoma, Iowa. She graduated from Alpha High School in 1938 and later attended Gates Business College in Waterloo, Iowa. On May 6, 1947, she was united in marriage to Edmund Schmitt and moved to his farm north of Cresco, where she lived for nearly 60 years. To this union six children were born.

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Extra expenses absorbed by City

Sheriff Mike Miner addresses the Lime Springs City Council as Tony Roberts, Eric Munkel and Darrel Knecht look on.

It’s a good thing that Lime Springs’ population increased from the last census, but with it come some negatives, the City Council learned at the June 7 meeting. City Clerk Carla Moser informed the group because the population went over 500 to 505, the City now has to do more testing of the water system, which costs a little more money.

Sheriff Mike Miner was on hand to talk about the building near the water tower which houses equipment for the repeater system. He informed the Council things didn’t work out exactly as first thought, which was at no cost for the city. “The whole project is about $800,000 and we found we need about $7,000 from each community.” You could have heard a pin drop.

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Old Settlers Day

Peyton Ullom enjoys some ice cream at Old Settlers Day. This week's issue of the Lime Springs Herald is filled with pictures of the celebration. For a subscription, call 563-566-2687.