Need help with watering

Last week, Butch and Dorene Burnikel hung the flowers around town. Now, helpers are needed to water them.

A calendar went around the group of Lime Springs Community Club members, who met on May 16, to sign up for watering plants this summer. The club owns a Ranger with a large water tank making it an easy task to water the ground and hanging planters around town.

The plants need watering in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon depending on the wind and sun. Although the Community Club purchases the plants, members would appreciate all help. This would be a great project for Silver Cord youth, who have a driver’s license, or a retiree. Sign up for a week or a couple of weeks to give the Club a hand in keeping the town looking fresh and inviting.

After last season and nearly two decades of use, the ground planters were emptied of their soil and repaired. Dennis Langreck and family sandblasted the metal planters, repaired the bottoms and repainted them.

Mike Gooder of Plantpeddler gave the club some compost to replace the soil making them ready for planting.

• In other business, Spiff Slifka of Howard County Business and Tourism said the Farmers Markets in all the towns are getting underway. The Lime Springs Market will begin the first Saturday in June.

She explained how the organization has been beneficial to local businesses, including B.J.’s Repair. “We brought in resource people to help Brian Johnson with starting his business,” she said.

Another project which is helping locals is the Northeast Iowa Regional Housing Trust Fund. Money from the fund helped one individual just outside Lime Springs and seven others in Howard County.

The website has a new look. She asked members to check it out and find out what’s going on in northeast Iowa.

“We may be finding out sooner if we got grants from the Community Foundation.” Before this, organizations found out during the Howard County Fair at the end of June whether they received funds. By finding out sooner, those organizations will know if they need to apply for more grants if they didn’t get what they anticipated from the grant.

• For Sweet Corn Days, Slifka said the Howard County Barbecue Contest was having all the towns participating. One of the suggestions from last year at Lime Springs was to have it in a different spot. Marcie Klomp told her it had been discussed by the group to have it in Brown Park this year.

Each town has a “specialty” dish the barbecue contestants can enter. Slifka explained, “Lime Spring has corn, Cresco has wheat, Riceville has fish and Protivin has everything Jaternice a sausage.” Also, Chester is Cowboy Stew and the Howard County Fair is dessert. Elma has yet to announce their special food.

Dorene Burnikel will order new T-shirts and koozies for the this year.

T-shirt money is usually used as matching funds for one of C US Bank’s contributions to the celebration. Jill Johnson suggested using the funds to purchase a projection screen for the Community Center. Other ideas need to be brought to the next meeting.

• The Club voted to get a two-year gambling license. Other organizations can use the license. Charitable donations were discussed.

• Klomp said the youth were finishing up with collecting for the flag project. She mentioned Ryon’s Garage had made some heavy metal plates to put in the flag receptacles to make them easier to find.

• Numbers were down for those attending the Mother’s Day Salad Luncheon. Proceeds of the luncheon go to the Community Center.

Walter McIntosh, who helped do dishes asked Butch Burnikel where he was. He responded that he was probably “busy” that day!

The next meeting will be June 20 when there will be strawberries and ice cream for treats.


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