2011 Grace Hughes Foundation recipients

The list of those organizations which were granted money from the Grace Hughes Foundation are listed below, with the designated project.

Regional Health Services, Repair upstairs windows $1,000.00

Lime Springs Community Center, Bike rack $750.00

Lime Springs Fire Department, Four physicals $600.00

Lime Springs Library, Hot water heater $1,000.00

Lime Springs Community Club, Bike trail development $500.00

United Methodist Church, Windows and outside lights $3,000.00

Swimming Pool, Replacing outside lights $1,000.00

Lime Springs Softball, Bleacher repair $500

Brown Park Improvement, Replacing equipment $500.00

Spring Ahead Preschool, Classroom equipment $1,000.00

Spring Ahead Learning Center, Childcare services $500.00

Genealogy Society, Microfilm diaries $500.00

Lidtke Mill, Steel roof $1,000.00

Fish & Game Club, Two tables $150.00

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Rock, trees, mowing $3,000.00

Lime Springs-Chester Elementary School, Playground improvements $3,500.00

Wisdom & Wellness, Child enrichment $500.00



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