No time to be bored

The kids in the Wisdom & Wellness program wiggled their butts as they moved around during game time.

All parents hear in April and May is “I wish school were out.” After about week one of no school they complain, “I’m bored.” A good way to keep your kids from getting bored over the summer is by keeping them busy. That’s easy to do in Lime Springs.

• Parents can send them to the Wisdom & Wellness Program being held at the Lime Springs-Chester Elementary School. Youth can join the program at any time. The first session is coming to a close this week.

The different classes offered from June 13-14 included “Heroes, Villains and Monsters, Oh, My! (for ages 3-5) and two classes for ages 6-12, including “Go Green” and “Tons of Fun.”

The second session is for just one week and is in conjunction with Vacation Bible School. During this week, June 27-July 1, children can still be dropped off at the school, but the course will be conducted at the Lime Springs United Methodist Church.

The third session is July 6-15 with A to Z Ocean for the 3-5-year olds and three choices for the older children—Technical Chal-lenge, Expressive Arts and Cheerleading.

A great part of the Wisdom & Wellness program is the free breakfast and lunch for all youth up to age 18, which is possible through a USDA grant. Head cook Luann Pisney said 40 youth eat breakfast and 40 have lunch.

For information on Wisdom & Wellness, contact Angel Dietz at 641-257-9069. For information on Vacation Bible School, contact Janet DeVries at 563-566-2285.

• Other activities for the kids include:

~ The Summer Reading Program at the Library is over for the older kids but continues for the younger group. For information call Janet DeVries at 563-566-2207.

~ Swimming. Pool hours are everyday 1:00-5:00 and 7:00-9:00 unless weather doesn’t cooperate. Call the pool to see if it is open and to learn about swimming lessons at 563-566-2606.

~ Playing ball. Contact Laney Stevenson at 563-566-2243.

~ And don’t forget Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Junior Community Club.



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