Yes, they ‘Gathered at the River’

Pastor Maureen Hagen had the youth stand in a pool of water during the children's sermon.

After being rained out for the past two years, the weather was perfect for this year’s Ecumenical Father’s Day Service, held at Lidtke Mill complex.

Pastor Maureen Hagen, of St. Paul and Saetersdal Lutheran Churches, gave the service to the sounds of the river falling over the dam and the birds singing in the trees. She spoke of the many references to water in the Bible and even had the children stand in a pool of water for the youth’s sermon.

As always, some Father’s Day questions were asked, such as who was the oldest father attending. That honor went to Floyd Foote at 98, Bob Freel was a close second. The father with the most children was Kenny Mensink with seven. The father who drove the furthest was Don Hughes from Aiken, Minn. and the newest father was Dan Gibbs.

After the service, most everyone went across the river to attend the Boy Scout Chicken Barbecue.

Scoutmaster Mike Johnson said the scouts prepare 250 pounds of chicken (stored at the Locker), six gallons of cole slaw (made by Butch and Dorene Burnikel), seven gallons of beans, 18 dozen buns, 10 gallons of lemonade and 200 bags of chips.

Scouts include Tommy Roberts, Jake Johnson, Michael Ollendick, Dusty Ruggeberg and Zach Dietz.


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