Council accepts fund transfers

Garbage is even thrown in the compost pile.

Mayor Pro-Tem Kevin Bill took over for Barb Robinson at the Lime Springs City Council meeting on July 5, and he did a fine job—keeping the meeting to just over an hour.

Several bank accounts from government entities were turned over to the City as has been the intention for a while. The money is credited to each entity, but most bills will now be paid through the City and not the individual entity.

Two checking accounts at the Library were turned over, as were accounts for the Community Center and Brown Park.

Reasoning behind the transfer of monies was to allow the City to track all funds under its control and for transparency of City finances.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Tony Roberts gave the department’s report. “We went to a couple parades and had training a week ago, today (June 28).”

Members burned down the former John South barn, owned by Galen Klingsheim, that was damaged in the tornado. He gave a donation to the fire department. Roberts said the department was only willing to burn down standing structures.


• Dennis “Navajo” Grabau reported there were four trees on the critical list for removal. They included one at 310 S. Miller, near the Lutheran Church; one on NW Jackson near Holly Kitchen’s home; a tree at the Dawn Brown residence; and one at the Cheryl Davis residence. He mentioned the tree at councilman Corey Gates’ residence. Gates replied it should come down since it was three-quarters dead already.

The City will take bids on cutting the trees down.

• Grabau added, “I got water meters coming. I installed the last one last week.” Six were ordered and being brought by the salesman to save shipping costs.

• A complaint about trash being thrown out at the tree dump was discussed. City Clerk Carla Moser said there was a complaint about windows, water heaters, tires and diapers being dumped there.

Grabau explained, “That’s been going on forever. I just have never said anything. I take care of it.”

Moser noted, “We can’t do much unless we catch them.”

• A problem with reading the water meter at the Rex Tibbals residence was discussed. Tibbals doesn’t want the meter read by either James Kitchen or Grabau because of the dogs. (One dog bit Kitchen last year.)

The council said he had two choices—either tie up the dogs (which are enclosed with an underground fence) or pay to have the meter moved to the street.

• Grabau asked if the council would like him to clean up some of the City’s scrap metal since the price was good. “There are four light poles from Main Street, some old fire hydrants with pipes—maybe 500-600 pounds of steel.” He was given the green light to get rid of some iron.


The Library asked the City to pay for half of the two water heaters needed in the building. One was for use for the Library and the other would be for city maintenance. The board had received money from the Grace Hughes Foundation for the water heaters and the City agreed to pay half of the remaining bill.




In other Library business, Janelle Mahr said the board was having Bingo on Saturday of Sweet Corn Days as a fund-raiser. The group was also participating in the bake sale at Brown Park on Saturdays, which is being split between the five city entities.

She explained there were 59 children in the Summer Reading Program which had help from Silver Cord members. Also, 631 items were checked out in May with 691 patrons.

Community Center

Jill Johnson reported the carpet was repaired. She also asked the Council to decide what it would like to do with the grant money received for parking lot stoppers. They could purchase cement or rubber stoppers.

Park and Pool

Co-chair Moser said, “I think it is awesome that the lifeguards are taking it upon themselves to help raise money for the pool.” On July 22-24, the guards want to have a 7:00-11:00 swim for $2.50 per person. They plan to sell bars on Sunday.

Someone joked the pool should stay open on Sweet Corn weekend until 5:00 a.m. to keep the fence jumpers from swimming, as they do every year. Either that, or have someone sleep in the concession area.

Brown Park

Holly Kitchen said the check from Grace Hughes grant was never received. She will look into it.

Heather Knutson said the bouncers were installed and a sign needed to be put up restricting users to 66 pounds. “The sand diggers and garbage cans will be coming.” She said the Steel Shop has been helping with putting a plate down for the bouncers and will hopefully do the same for the diggers.

Park benches are also on the order form. “Children at Play” signs will be going up on either end of the park. The Committee also plans to purchase a new tennis court net.

Clean-up days are July 16 and 23 at 1:00 and July 19 at 5:30. Anyone interested is welcome to help.

Other Business

In other business, the Council voted not to summer fill LP at the sewer plant since none was used last year. Members did agree to sign the contract to rent the tank from K&H.

Although federal pay for mileage went up, the Council voted not to raise the rate for Lime Springs.

Building permits were approved to Grabau for an addition to his garage and Ray Murphy for removing a deck and replacing it with a room addition.

Beer and wine permits were issued to Lime Springs Locker and Lime Springs Community Club. A refund to Missy’s Stein & Dine was also approved.

Several streets were officially closed for Sweet Corn Days.

The next Lime Springs City Council meeting will be August 2 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center when a public hearing will be held for a budget ammendment.



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