Vikings Cheerleaders coming to SCD

Lime Springs can stand up and cheer since it has been confirmed since the Community Club meeting the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders will have a booth on Sunday of Sweet Corn Days, August 14.

Duane Johnson of Spring Ahead Learning Center Board and C US Bank was able to procure their visit. At least two cheerleaders will be on Main Street for at least an hour after the parade, which usually ends at 2:00. The bank is sponsoring the visit.

Members of the Community Club learned their presence was a possibility at the June 20 meeting, but since then it has been confirmed they will be attending. This will be a great draw to an already well-attended town celebration.

• In other Sweet Corn Days business from the meeting, where strawberries and ice cream were the treats for the evening, Dustin Kraft gave an update on the softball games.

He is taking over the tournament from Jeff Wilson, who re-started the softball tournament about 11 years ago in memory of Kraft’s father, Steve Kraft, a huge ball fan. “Dustin was playing on my ball team (Wilson Tree) at the time.” They talked about it and Wilson started the tournament with 16 teams. Over the years, the tournament has grown, with last year being the largest at 36 teams.

Dustin is going to take it a little easier for his first tournament. He is starting with 16 teams so it can be kept in Lime Springs without having to borrow other fields. The plan is to have the games run from 7:00-11:00 on Friday; 8:00 a.m. until 9:00-10:00 p.m. on Saturday; and start at 8:00 Sunday morning to be done by 5:00 that afternoon.

He is hoping to donate $25 of the entry fee per team back for lights, porta potties and other expenses. Dustin will also be in charge of the overnight camping and clean-up duties.

The five City organizations will work together to man the food stand.

• Long-time teacher and lover of Lime Springs Rosella Fausnaugh was nominated to be Grand Marshal of the Sweet Corn Days Parade. She has since accepted the offer. Look for more for this in future issues of the Lime Springs Herald.

• Sign-up sheets for working during the festivities will tentatively be located in the Library.

• The Club will also sponsor a train for the kiddies on Sunday.

• The Library is sponsoring Bingo games at the Community Center on Saturday from 1:00-4:00.

• The Horseshoe Tournament will be open to adults this year and a Redneck Tournament will also be held on Saturday. Look for more on this.

• In regular business at the Community Club meeting on June 20, Janet DeVries, representing the Lime Springs Children’s Theatre Troupe, said, “I wanted to thank the Club for letting us store our theatre possessions in your trailer. We are trying to meet in July. We want to go through the trailer.”

President Dennis Langreck observed the storage was “a quick fix. Now theatre and Community property is co-mingled.”

DeVries said the board is being re-organized and will look at cleaning up the trailer before Sweet Corn Days.

• Jason Passmore of Howard County Business and Tourism said there was a customer service training on July 13; the North Iowa Tractor Ride will be in Cresco on July 7 with about 250 antique tractors going to Decorah; Bernard Roesler was the go-to person for the Farmers Market; and the Chester Barbecue Contest went well with all towns in Howard County participating this year. More sponsors are welcome for the barbecue contest.

• Langreck mentioned Pat Boyle had written a grant and received $500 from Grace Hughes Foundation to be used for the Walk/Bike Path. “We are still in the first phase of meeting with land owners.”

• Jill Johnson reported the five City organizations are working together and having a bake sale every week of the Farmers Market in Lime Springs. The money raised will help with operating expenses of each group.

• The youth group and anyone else able is encouraged to pull weeds at VanderBie Park at the mural. Arnie DeRuiter has been trimming the shrubs to make it more presentable.

The next meeting of the Community Club will be July 18, when Sweet Corn Days fliers will be handed out. As always, it is open to the public and located at the Community Center, starting at 7:00 p.m.


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