Promoting Lidtke Mill

Tom Roberts with Mary Stevenson and the sign he put up at Lidtke Park announcing the times Lidtke Mill is open for tours.

When planning for the weekend, most young people are thinking about all the fun they will have. Tom Roberts likes having fun, too, but he has also been raised to think about others.

As part of his quest to receive a silver cord at graduation, the high school junior volunteers his time to different projects around Lime Springs. This summer, he decided to be a tour guide at Lidtke Mill.

He worked one Saturday and nobody showed up for a tour. Roberts looked across the river at Lidtke Park and saw it was full. He wondered if the campers even knew Lidtke Mill was open for tours.

“I suggested to Mary Stevenson (board member of Lidtke Mill) that a sign should be put up at Lidtke Park. Then some people might look at it and say, ‘Oh. That looks cool. Let’s go check it out.’”

He later received permission from the board and put a sign giving the times and days Lidtke Mill is open (Memorial Day through Labor Day on weekends 1:00-4:00 p.m.). Now campers who may not know they are just across the river from a National Historic Place may stop in and visit.

Roberts is a member of the Lime Springs Boy Scouts and Junior Community Club.

Silver Cord

The Silver Cord program encourages high school students to donate 40 hours per year or 160 hours altogether for non-profit organizations and other good causes. Those who have volunteered the required hours will wear a silver cord around their neck at graduation.


One Response

  1. Way to go, Tom! My sister and I came from Wisconsin to visit back in August and some of the signs guiding visitors to the mill were missing. We had to go into town and then follow those signs back out to the mill.

    It was a little frustrating. Do you know whether those signs have been replaced?


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