Getting ready for SCD

Jim Miller spreads mulch with a rake around VanderBie Park as Arnie DeRuiter spreads it with a tractor!

Sweet Corn Days is all about stressing out to make sure your organization has enough hot dogs and pop ordered and that all the entertainment is in place.

But, it is also about getting things spruced up in preparation for the thousands of visitors who will be walking the streets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 12-14.

Residents are pulling weeds, mowing, painting and picking up their yards. But some loyal and hard-working individuals have taken the time to look around and see troublesome spots on public property. So, they are busy volunteering their time to improvements around the town.

Some last minute projects have been pulling weeds and adding mulch to VanderBie Park, painting and adding wood chips at Brown Park, weeding and trimming Kitchen Park, tearing down old and putting up new bleachers at the ball field and installing lights at the pool, just to name a few!


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