Pastor Pam Kranzler called to Wapello

Pam Kranzler has accepted a call at Wapello, Iowa and will be leaving her job at C US Bank in Lime Springs.

“When God tells you to go, you go.” That is the reason Pam Kranzler has accepted a full-time pastorship at Wapello, Iowa.

Kranzler moved to Lime Springs 16 years ago and has been at the local branch of C US Bank for 14 years, most recently as senior lending assistant. Since 2005, she has also worked part-time/full-time as a pastor in Elma and then in Riceville and McIntire at the Methodist churches.

She will definitely miss the area and people. Lime Springs is where her daughters grew up and graduated from Crestwood. Melissa, the oldest, up until two months ago was a border patrol officer in southern California. She recently traded with someone else and is now in Washington State. “She’s my gun-toting daughter,” Kranzler laughs.

Megan went to college in Savannah, Ga. and works for a small graphic arts company. Kranzler mentioned Savannah would be a nice place to retire. “It’s so pretty there.”

The people who have most inspired Kranzler in her life were both pastors, so it is an easy stretch to see how she got into the ministry.

“My brother, Terry, (who passed away seven years ago) was a Lutheran minister for 30 years. Bob Holdorf was pastor when I first started going to Lime Springs. He pushed me into lay speaking which got me going on this path for ministry.”

She attended classes for three years at Indianola and goes to Kansas City four times per year for more schooling.

In 2004 she became a local licensed pastor. She indicated she doesn’t want to go on to become ordained but is content working in the smaller parishes. She’s a country girl at heart.

In 2005, she started working part-time as the pastor in Elma. The following year, she added the duo parishes of Riceville and McIntire. Working full-time (because of benefits and salary) at the bank and part-time at three different churches proved too hard, so Kranzler left Elma.

She is considered part-time at Riceville-McIntire, but Kranzler admits she probably puts in full-time hours. “I go straight from here to do church stuff. When I started I told the church I couldn’t do visitations because of work. I’m going to be full-time and I’m excited about that. Now I can concentrate on the church.”

She is also excited about having some spare time and not working 80 hours per week. She plans to do some kayaking and other activities she hasn’t had time to do for a while.

Wapello is 205 miles from northeast Iowa, halfway between Muscatine and Burlington, which is where Kranzler grew up. She has no family there anymore, but plenty of friends.

August 5 was her last day at C US Bank and her last day of preaching is August 21. Between now and September 1, when she begins her new job, she will be packing.

Kranzler is looking forward to the next chapter of her life. She is happy to be moving to another small town. Wapello’s population is around 2,000. “I told the Iowa Conference I would like a smaller town setting. You get to know the people. When you walk down the street, people say ‘Hi’ and you know who they are. I’m going to miss a lot of people.”

She will also be missed in the small town where she has lived and worked for 16 years.


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