This and that —SCD results, winners

Last year’s Miss Sweet Corn Emily Roberts crowned this year’s winner, Kristin Kuhl. Aden Atwell was named King of Corn.

Here is some general information and results about many of the events during Sweet Corn Days, August 12-14.

Miss Sweet Corn

Kristin Kuhl, daughter of Laney Stevenson and Rick Kuhl, was crowned Miss Sweet Corn at the beginning of the Talent Contest on Friday night. Aden Atwell, son of Bethany and Sam Shroyer was crowned King of Corn.

Talent Show

Kriya Atwell took first in the eight-and-under category by singing “Today’s the Day.”

Makayla Gates took first in the 9-17 group. Arielle Engelhart took second to celebrate her birthday!

Danielle Bilidt took first in the 18-49-year age group. Taking second was Colten Henry and third was Kelsey Schumacher. Also singing were Amber Balvanz and Nicole Engelhart.

Chuck “Elvis” Lewis sang in the 50-and-over group. Afterward, karaoke was sung by many to entertain the crowd.



Tractor Show

There were 20 tractors in the Tractor Show this year. Eighteen tractors belonged to Lyle and Jay Ryon, who spent much of their downtime hanging out at the show and talking with passersby. The other tractors displayed were from Arlynn Hovey and Doug Engel.

Other Contests

Look for articles this week and next on the BBQ Contest, Tractor Pull, Kids’ Pedal Pull and Car Show.

Horseshoe Tournament

The second annual Irvin Munkel Horseshoe Tournament turned into a Memorial Tournament with Irvin’s passing this past year, but his spirit was still around as the trophies were some of his old ones. It had nine competitors with Mike Copeman (son of Duane Copeman) taking first. Second went to Munkel’s son, Jon and third went to Dave Witt (son-in-law of Ray and Alberta Gasser).

Redneck Horseshoes

The newest event at Sweet Corn Days was the Redneck Horseshoe Tournament. Harlan Larson headed it up. Toilet seats were used as the shoe and plungers as the post. Mike Copeman took first in that event, which was a plunger and his wife, Mary took second, which was a package of toilet paper!

Bike Ride

The 30-mile bike ride had about 20 riders. Greg Lichty said it was a leisurely three to four hours to go the distance. That included stopping at Harlan Nagle’s place, who had refreshments, and taking a water break in Granger.

Softball games

Organizer Dustin Kraft took over the tournament this year. He scaled it down from other years by having just eight mens teams and eight co-ed teams.

Taking first at the 10th annual Steve Kraft Memorial Softball Tournament for the co-eds was Protivin, second was Caffrey and third was Kraft. The Protivin Men’s Team also came in first, after fighting their way out of the loser’s bracket. Kraft came in second and Chris Hardy in third. Teams came from Protivin, Rochester, Dubuque, Cresco, Lime Springs and Chester.

Moo Mobile

Sweet Corn Days is second only to the Fair for the amount of malts sold at the Moo Mobile. This year, 170 pails of ice cream were used, which is 10 more than last year.

Sweet Corn

The FREE Sweet Corn was really FREE this year! When Walter McIntosh and Jerry Robinson went to pick up the corn from Seneca at Rochester, they were told the 2,520 pounds of sweet corn was donated!

Parade Winners

Coming in first was Hovey Oil with Mama’s Senior Dancing Class. Second went to Family Fun & Fitness and third place was won by Betty and Bernard Roesler who had a float celebrating the 30th anniversary of Sweet Corn Days.

Fish & Game Club Raffle

Winners of the Fish & Game Club’s raffle at the buffalo burger stand were Craig Easler—gun; Karen McIntyre—cooler; Jeff Kroll—lantern; Mark Murphy—fish pole; and cookbooks were won by Wyatt Tibbals, Shaughn McNamara, Don Jones, Pete Fritcher and Al Mensink.


The Dad’s Belgian Waffle breakfast, sponsored by the Oneota Club, served 340 kids and adults, which was up by 25 from last year. Proceeds go toward community improvement.

The Boy Scouts’ Omelette Breakfast served approximately 525, which was the same as last year. That’s a pretty good number for a town with a population of 505!

Swimming Pool Raffle

Pool Party for 2012—Marcie Klomp

Pool Sweatshirt—Beth Roberts

Pool T-shirt—Raquel Ristau

$1,000 Raffle

$500—Bob McClary, Cresco

$250—Adell Jones, Lime Springs

$100—Jim Miller Sr., Lime Springs

$100—Evelyn Mensink, Lime Springs

$50—Larry Odegaard, Cotton Grove, Wis.


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