LS Council updated on happenings

New advertising signs were put up around the ball field as a fund-raiser for Pool & Parks.

By Marcie Klomp

Reports from various organizations and committees were given at the Lime Springs City Council meeting on September 6.

Fire Department/Fire Board

Assistant Chief Greg Mahr gave the report saying the department was called to a semi rollover on September 2 during the wind storm.

Tary Kolek is not moving and will remain a Lime Springs firefighter. A couple applications were given out for new firefighters.

Mahr said there will be CPR classes for the firefighters on September 14.

Mayor Barb Robinson of the Fire Board explained the transferring of funds from the general fund to the special revenue fund. She also mentioned the Fire Department did not spend its entire budget for the last fiscal year and that money went back into the general fund.

The Fire Department wants a credit card, which would allow them to fill up after businesses are closed. It was decided to get a Fire Department credit card and also one for the City’s use.

The Fire Department Soup Supper will be held on Sunday, September 25 from 4:00-7:00.

Park & Pool

Carla Moser explained the pool was closed for the season but did not have year-end figures yet. Over the Sweet Corn weekend, Evelyn Truka had a food stand (formerly St. Stephen’s Church) with proceeds to the pool That amounted to over $400. The Lime Springs Junior Community Club presented the pool with $2,000 from its can deposits.

“The Brown Park committee will now be under the Park and Pool Board,” Carla commented.

Some fall maintenance at the pool include benches being moved inside and getting pipes ready for winter.

“The advertising signs went over really good. We’ll make a profit of about $600 this year and everything coming in next year should be pure profit,” Moser noted.

She added the main project at the pool for next year will be to fix the plumbing in the rest rooms. It was held together with duct tape the last week of swimming.


City maintenance man Dennis “Navajo” Grabau, was not at the meeting and neither was deputy maintenance man James Kitchen.

Some items to be put on the maintenance list include trimming trees near Eric Munkel and Jack Robinson that are covering stop signs; trimming other trees; mowing the lagoon; and putting spray on the weeds in the cracks of the road. Any citizen seeing a job that needs done should contact City Hall for the item to be placed on the list.

Dusty Burnikel’s bid for removing trees was accepted.

A notice will be put in the October water bills letting residents know non-running vehicles needed to be removed from the street before the snow flies.

Kevin Bill requested an ad go in the Lime Springs Herald for the hiring of two deputy maintenance people. Kitchen is the current deputy. He has a conflict of interest with also being a contractor for the city (helping with snow removal and water mains). As a contractor, he can only have $2,500 worth of work before he can no longer be an employee.

The mayor assured the council, “Water meters won’t be read after dark again. There was a massive influx of 911 calls after last month.”

(Kitchen did not have time during the day to read meters, so he did it at night, alarming many residents who noticed him around their homes with his flashlight.)

Library Board

Janelle Mahr talked about the special events coming up at the public library. They include the monthly game night, matinee, Bingo night and Book Discussion group.

She also mentioned that Eileen Evans will be having a book signing on Saturday, September 24 for her book, “Cy Thomson: The Generous Embezzler.”

Donna Lidtke will be having a t-shirt weaving class, and the Howard County Library Association will be visiting Lime Springs in October. The Association includes all the libraries in the county—Lime Springs, Cresco, Riceville and Elma.

She gave a profit of over $180 for the Bingo event during Sweet Corn Days.

Jill Johnson, another board member, asked for the city employee handbook for the library employees.

Community Center

Dorene Burnikel said a meeting was to be held the next day, September 7. She confirmed the cement work in front of the Community Center is still to be done this fall.


There was no report available for Spring Ahead Learning Center.



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