Evans has book signing

Eileen Evans spoke about her journey to compile a book on Cy Thomson and signed books at the Lime Spring Library on Saturday.

Eileen Evans gave an enthusiastic presentation at the Lime Springs Library on Saturday, September, 24 on her book, “Cy Thomson: The Generous Embezzler.”

She related Thomson was a far-ahead thinking individual. “Way back then (1920s), he built a two-car garage!”

She found out he was always doing something for other people.

She first wrote about Thomson in the Lime Springs Herald and LeRoy Independent in 1995. “Afterward, people kept bringing stuff in and would say, ‘I remember . . .’”

One 88-year-old gentleman kept asking when she would do a book. “He kept pushing, so when I first got it published, I called him and told him I would be at his house that afternoon. He said he wouldn’t be home because he would be at my house. When he came, he had one red rose and bought 10 books!”

She also reminisced about purchasing the Lime Springs paper. “Carl wanted it in the contract to keep the Lime Springs Herald running for two years. We’ve been here 19 years this month.” She added, “That was how close you came to losing your paper.”

She recalled being in the office when it was below the Post Office. “I looked out the window and saw a lady with a walker coming down the steps!” She and Al decided to move the office to street level. “Carl said, ‘You can’t move the office. People won’t find it!’ Well they did.” And they are still finding it, even 19 years later.


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