St. Stephen’s is no more

Jesus is moving to a new location. All of the religious artifacts will be moved to other churches in the cluster.

By Marcie Klomp

There is no turning back. St. Stephen’s Church in Chester is no more. Sale on the church is pending and almost certain in the next few weeks and Sunday, September 4 some former members gathered one last time. Not to pray, although many were talking to God, but to dismantle the pulpit area for the new owners.

Father Atwood explained, “It is standard procedure to remove the religious articles” when closing a church.

Former members packed up sacred vestments, tabernacle, cross, crucifix, stations of the cross, candle sticks, pulpit and communion rail. “They will be used in the cluster churches of Lourdes, Riceville, Elma, New Haven and Alta Vista,” the priest said.

The rest of the items were sold with the church and rectory.

St. Stephen’s Church has had a strong congregation and spirit in the years since it originated, back in the 1870s. Now the flock has scattered and became members of different churches in the area—Lourdes, Cresco, LeRoy—but members will never forget St. Stephen’s. It is where many were baptized, had First Communion, married and attended funerals.

St. Stephen’s may be gone, but lives on in spirit.

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