City to hire dep. maintenance

By Marcie Klomp

At the Oct. 4 meeting, members of the Lime Springs council gave City Clerk Carla Moser their top three picks for the two deputy maintenance positions advertised in the paper. She will call the applicants and set up interview times with Brian Johnson and Corey Gates.

• In other business, the shoveling of residential sidewalks was discussed. Last year, the council tried to get residents to clear their sidewalks, but by the time it was decided, ice was already there for the winter.

Moser called other towns to see what their ordinances are and found they also found it hard to enforce the shoveling of sidewalks if there were residences without sidewalks.

Council member Gary Klomp said, “It’s impossible to implement if you let people take their sidewalks out.” That has happened in the past. There are areas in town where there is a sidewalk on either side of a residence that doesn’t have a sidewalk. It is hard to force someone without a sidewalk to shovel their grass.

There will be a notice sent with the water bills encouraging residents to shovel their sidewalks—especially for the kids walking to school.

A message will also be sent about parking on the road during snow removal. Vehicles need to be removed within 48 hours.

City maintenance manager Dennis Grabau admitted there were probably only six to eight car owners who aren’t following the rules.

• Two trees will be added to the list for Dusty Burnikel to take down. They are the one by Denise Fairbanks and Earl Walker, if the home owners agree.

• C US Bank asked if it could hire the City to spread sand on its parking lot for a fee.

Councilman Corey Gates said he was concerned since it was hiring out and wondered if it could be done. The City’s attorney will set up a contract. The bank will need to be billed enough to cover the cost of the attorney bill and materials.

• While discussing the utility bills, Robinson commented it was the same people as always who were late on their water bills.

Moser added 20-30 letters are sent out per month and most pay. Between six to 10 have letters put on their doors saying their water will be shut off if not paid. Then they nearly always pay.

Eurofins, the business at the Travel Plaza, asked if the large sewer charge could be waived since they irrigate plants. Other times of the year, the business only uses minimum water and sewer. The council agreed

In the past, the four condos at Tompkins Apartments have been charged minimal water/sewer. They have been billed for 400 units, when other meter readings show 800 units used. Moser will look into a solution.

• The council voted to have the city clerk continue to get documents notarized at the bank rather than have Moser get her own notary.

• Tank & Tummy will be charged $50 for a cleanup fee. After the cleanup, the owner charged the City with theft, but the City was in its rights to remove the debris.

• The City will purchase a two-year gambling license for $150. It will allow all city entities to have raffles, drawings and Bingo for profit.



• Julie Ann Mueller, who moved into the home formerly owned by Marc Stockman, was granted a horse variance if neighbors agreed. She was also issued a building permit for a mud room, garage and dog fence.

• After the council received more information on the rocking of Howard Street, on the far south side of town, it was decided to allow Denny Rice to purchase the rock and have it spread himself, rather than the City paying to have it spread.

• Duane Johnson suggested putting up a sign restricting the weight limit on the bridge near Cheryl Davis. Council didn’t know if that could be done since it is a Farm to Market road.

Moser will get bids on putting in a cement culvert for a bridge.

• Robinson said City boards need to be gender neutral, which can be hard. She has been trying to find a male to be on the Library Board without much luck.

Moser said, “We need to take every step possible to attempt to be gender neutral.”

An ad will be put in the paper asking for men to volunteer for the Library and Community Center Boards and women to volunteer for the Fire Board. If there are no volunteers the City can have unequal boards.

• The City was asked to write a note on City letterhead supporting Kadyn’s Law, which is asking for tougher laws on stopping for a stop arm bar in a bus.

The next council meeting will be Tuesday, November 1, at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center.


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