Five students charged with simple assault

According to Cresco Police Chief Mark Kissinger, on September 29, Crestwood High School Principal Tim Felderman contacted the Cresco Police Department about two possible assaults taking place in the school parking lot on Sept. 20 and 21.

After investigating, five individuals were referred to Juvenile Court Services by the department for simple assault. They are Arley Moellers, 16, or Ridgeway; Jacob Johnson, 16, of Lime Springs; Nathan Galvin, 17, of Cresco; Brett Bodensteiner, 17 of Cresco; and Quentin Kulish, 16, of Cresco.

After speaking with the school’s attorney, Howard-Winneshiek Superintendent Dianne Anderson was able to give a brief assessment of the assault.

“We are following the standard operating procedures that deal with each individual situation. We need to respect the confidentiality of our students. So there is very little I can inform you of at this time,” she stated.

There were false rumors that circulated around the district after the incident, but an assault did take place and the district wanted to reassure parents to not worry about their children’s safety.

“The administration and staff in the high school immediately took precautions for the safety for our students. There was more monitoring in the hallways, between classes, at the cafeteria, and in the parking lot,” Anderson commented.

The school has policies in place for student behavior. Those policies are on the school website. “I would encourage concerned people to read them. I am not at liberty to discuss these things at this time.”

The five students were disciplined after a special school board meeting was held. The punishments cannot be released by the district.


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