School needs easement to continue with SALC

The City of Lime Springs is doing its part in trying to get the Spring Ahead Learning Center (SALC) to move toward bid-letting and ground breaking. At the Council meeting on Nov. 1, members agreed to waive the fee for a special public hearing that would grant an easement for a parking lot on the west side of the school (across from Ed Burnikel home).

City Clerk Carla Moser explained the easement would allow for nine parallel parking spaces. The sidewalk would be moved closer to the school, and the parking would be in the boulevard.

A public hearing needs to be held to allow the easement, since it is City property. It was mentioned the City had expressed earlier this year it would be happy to give the easement, but it was never requested until the November meeting. The public hearing is being held before the December meeting to get the legalities out of the way so bids can be let sooner by the Howard-Winneshiek School Board.

Council member Brian Johnson said, “In order to make forward progress, we should go for it.” The meeting will take place November 15.

The next day, David Gaus, How.-Winn. Business Manager, presented a check for the special meeting to Moser.

In other business, a building permit was issued to Terry Larson to widen a driveway to the field he recently purchased. Two persons asked for permits, but were told they weren’t needed—Jim Brevig for a shed he is putting on a cement slab and Holly Kluender for replacing a balcony.

Moser went over the financial report with the council, which is printed in this week’s paper. Check page 17.

Water bills were reviewed. Tompkins Apartment meter was discussed. The residents are charged minimum but the meter shows usage of more than the minimum for the four apartments. Council member Corey Gates wondered who was on the water committee. Much to his dismay he and Roger Lepa had the committee and were to meet to find a solution.

Reports from various groups were given:

Fire Department/Fire Board

• Fire Chief Tony Roberts said, “At our meeting last Tuesday, we went through gear and found one air pack not working. It is now fixed.”

• The chief received a phone call on Sunday night from the law center that a resident of Hilltop Apartments had been hospitalized and had high readings for [carbon monoxide]. Roberts was asked to check the building. “I walked through everything with Cindy [Johnson, manager] and check apartments. There was nothing there.”


• Dennis “Navajo” Grabau reported, “I checked streets out and we could use a half-dozen bags of blacktop.” A year ago, the cold patch cost about $7.88 per bag. He wasn’t sure of the cost this year but he was authorized to order six to 10 bags.

• Grabau also asked to purchase a tarp to put under the truck to protect the floor from melting snow/salt and oil. Johnson said, “Stop down tomorrow. I’ve got one for you.”

• The issue of purchasing aerators for the sewer plant was brought up again. The lagoon is running with two aerators in one cell and one in the other. Best scenario would be to have two in each with a spare because one is original to the project (over 25 years old) and two are about four years old.

One aerator costs $8,900. Gates asked how long it would take to order one. Grabau answered a week. Gates concluded to purchase one and if another needed to be purchased, it could be here in a week. The council agreed to purchase one.

The posts holding the aerators are also getting old. They will be replaced when the new aerator is installed.

• Water meters start slowing down after 10 years of use, so it is important to replace them or the City will be losing money. There are approximately 250 meters. Each meter costs about $80.00. Maintenance will start replacing three meters per month and write down the date it was replaced.

• Ed Hampe was hired as an on-call deputy maintenance person. The second deputy maintenance person was harder to hire. Johnson commented, “We need a part-time person that we want at our beck and call. For most of the [applicants] weekends were fine, but weekdays were not.”

The ad for deputy maintenance will run again.

• The lawyer is writing up a document for “hold harmless” if C US Bank has the City put sand/salt on its back parking lot.

• Two individuals were contacted to give a tentative price on fixing the bridge on E. Merrill Street (by Cheryl Davis). Neither got back with Moser.


Janelle Mahr gave the report, listing all the activities taking place, including a silent auction during the month of November.

She also gave her resignation, but said she would stay around until a replacement was found.

Community Center

The Council approved the resignations of Mary Bielefeld and Merilee Hall for cleaning the building and approved the hiring of Ruth Ness and Jim Hrubes with Nicole Klomp as alternate.

An inspector had just been to the Community Center, which was required every three years because of the grant given by USDA. Several items including weeds in the eaves trough, broken eaves trough, insulating by the I-beam and caulking the windows were recommended to be fixed.

The public hearing and short regular meetings will be held Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 7:00 p.m. The next meeting will be held Dec. 6 at 7:00 at Community Center.


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