Will donate park to City

Ann Vander Bie Stevenson will try to donate the park on the corner of Main and Willard Streets to the City.

At the Nov. 1 meeting, Ann (Vander Bie) Stevenson asked Lime Springs City Council if the City would be willing to accept a gift of the mural park as a gift.

She was willing to purchase the park from Dean and Shari Bolton and donate it to the City. “My parents and grandparents had the Our Own Hardware on the corner for over 60 years. I only have two stipulations: one—that it remain a park and two—if I can put a small sign or plaque to name it Vander Bie Park. Lots of people have expressed what a nice park it is.”

She said she would pay any legal fees. She also offered to make a donation to have it spruced up spring, summer and fall.

Council members said they would accept the gift and gave Stevenson permission to start the process of purchasing the park.

“It should be a win-win situation and I can name the park,” Stevenson said.


One Response

  1. What a wonderful idea Ann has about the park. I spent many hours wandering around the store and knew just where to walk to listen to the floors squeak. That store was such a plus for a small town. No matter where you live after leaving Lime Springs, that special little always remains in your heart.

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