Board upholds decision

A special Howard-Winneshiek Community School board meeting was held on November 10 to decide the fate of a student who appealed a suspension from extra-curricular and academic activities after being accused of assaulting another student on Sept. 20 and Sept. 21, 2011. Four other students were also punished and all have been referred to juvenile courts.

Family and friends of the victim and of the accused were there for support.

The meeting started at 6:00 p.m. and immediately went into closed session. After arguments were heard, the board went into deliberations around 9:45. The board unanimously rendered its decision about 10:30 to uphold the suspension, which is recognized by every school in the state of Iowa.

The minutes of that meeting say, “Motion on student discipline matter, by Bodermann, seconded by Kitchen. ‘I move that we uphold and affirm the disciplinary suspension of student N.G., for both extracurricular and academic, as previously issued by the Superintendent.’ Roll call vote was held, and Voting Aye were, Karlos McClure (President), Duane Bodermann (Vice President), Doug Berg, James Kitchen, and Scott Fortune. Motion Carried.”


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