Kindergartners talk turkey

Cassidy Bowen, Kaylee Roberts and Nevaeh Howe would like bananas, ice cream and an onion.

Thanksgiving is full of traditions. Even the Lime Springs Herald has traditions. They include putting pictures of people eating sweet corn and watermelon at Sweet Corn Days and taking pictures of the 4-H kids with their animals during the fair. Another tradition is asking the kindergarten class—What are you doing for Thanksgiving? What are you eating? How do you cook it? A person never knows what these little ones are thinking!

Ella Keller: We go to Grandma’s. We always have mashed potatoes and turkey. Grandma makes it homemade. For dessert we’ll have cake. You put the mix with water. You put it in the oven for six minutes for six degrees.

Cassidy Bowen: We’re going to eat real beef and Daddy’s gonna cook it on the grill. We’ll have some potatoes with it. For dessert is pumpkin pie with blueberries on it. Grandma makes it. Sometimes she puts applesauce on it for the topping.

Nevaeh Howe: We go to Grandma’s and we’ll have chicken, rice and nothing for dessert. My grandma will cook the chicken on the stove for one minute.

Kaylee Roberts: We’re going to have lots of people over and eat turkey and it will be my Grandma’s birthday. My mommy makes the turkey. She puts it in this thing, where she has the pizza. She takes off the lid and puts the turkey and puts water in. She turns the dial until it’s cooked. She takes it out and we set up the table then eat it.

Last Thanksgiving Tammy got too big of a turkey and all the grease went out. And we had to have a fan and we went to the back bedroom.

Gabe Slavin: We eat turkey and pumpkin pie. Mom and Dad make it. You put some salt on it and cook it in the oven for five or six minutes. It’s real hot.

Tyler Pisney: We eat turkey at our house. We have pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. To make it you put sugar and milk in it and pound it with a spoon.

Alex Johnson: We eat Thanksgiving at the table. I wish I could have turkey always. It’s my favorite. My mom cooks it. She puts it in the oven and cooks it so it hot like a turkey gets hot. I think 30 degrees for 70 minutes.

Susannah Himli: We have chicken and mashed potatoes and corn and gravy for the mashed potatoes. To cook the chicken you put seasonings on it and put it in the oven for 35 minutes. It is really hot. For dessert we have chocolate and white pudding and donuts with pudding on them.

Avery Johnson: We’re going to Nevaeh’s house. I’d like to have turkey. For dessert we just have pumpkin pie.

Bradley Munkel: We eat turkey and we’re going to have a party with our cousins. We’ll eat some cake and eat turkey then we’ll build Legos. We’re going to put on hats.






Zander Heisler: I think we’re going to Grandma’s. We’ll put Thanksgiving decorations up. We’ll have chicken, mashed potatoes and brats. They are little sticks and you cook them on the grill. At night, we’ll have ice cream and put chocolate on it.

Kole Balvanz: We’re going to the turkey family. I don’t know where it is. My mom never tells me about it. We’ll eat some apple pie, cherry pie and even pumpkin pie. We’ll have chocolate brownies and Krispies and popcorn balls.

(To make apple pie) you chop the apples with the slicer—it peels and chops them. Then you put it in the oven then it is apple pie. You cook it about this much [one inch] for 13 minutes.

Then we’ll go on a tractor ride after that. Then we’ll go to my Grandpa’s old farm in a pickup. That’s all I’m doing.

Kaleb Adams: We’ll go to our house, my Grandma and Grandpa’s and my other Grandma and Grandpa’s. We’ll have turkey, mashed potatoes and maybe cake for dessert. I’ll talk to my Grandma and Grandpa.

Eboni Sanders: We’re staying home. We’ll have turkey with stuffing. My mom and dad will make it. For dessert we’ll have ice cream and cake and pie.

We’ll need to throw out our pumpkins. My mom sometimes makes turkey.

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