Join Iowa’s ‘100-Day Challenge’ through Partners in Progress

Members of Chester Partners In Progress is sending out an invite to persons interesting in joining the “100-Day Challenge” of Live Healthy Iowa. It starts Jan. 23.

A team has been formed, and the cost to join is $20.00. The fee includes a training t-shirt, weekly health and nutrition tips sent via e-mail, chances to win monthly incentives, Access Card, free entry into the Winter and Summer Games Fitness Walks and weekly motivational emails containing activity, nutrition and recipe tips. As a paid registrant, a one year subscription to a lifestyle magazine is included with the program.

Your personal dashboard also includes an on-line daily journal to help you track your weight loss or physical activity, an online messaging center that will allow you to communicate with your teammates to support each other in your progress and gives you the ability to see your team’s ranking on the leaderboard.

Anyone interested should contact Pam Wendel in Chester at 563-565-3495. She needs a t-shirt size and some other information. She will have passwords and more information soon. You can go to the website: to check it out.

Besides agreeing to sponsor a group for Live Healthy Iowa, PIP elected new officers at its annual meeting, on Jan. 12. Dawn Fairbanks is president, Linda Warnke is vice-president, Shawn Hamilton is secretary and Wendel is treasurer. Directors are Alice Schroeder, Janis Miller and Amanda Keller.



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