LSTP Picking up the slack

Lime Springs Travel Plaza Manager Sharly Rollie stands in the household/grocery aisle, which has been expanded since the closing of the Locker.

With the closing of the Lime Springs Locker and Grocery this month, residents have been concerned about how to get those forgotten recipe items while cooking dinner. It isn’t very convenient to jump in the car and run to Cresco, 13 miles away.

The Lime Springs Travel Plaza is trying to fill that void. Manager Sharly Rollie said, “With the Locker being closed, we are stocking more items.” She has already expanded the grocery and household aisle to include more baking items, such as flour, sugars, Bisquick, shredded cheese and a larger variety of cereals. “We are also ordering more bread and buns.”

She added, “If anyone asks for something, we are willing to get it in. I will take suggestions on items to order.” The business is also able to expand to another aisle to hold grocery items if needed.


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