Special music at St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Lime Springs will be hosting Larry and Melissa Schmidt, a musical team from Spring Valley, Feb. 5, at the 10:30 a.m. worship service. They enjoy playing their own original music, traditional folk, Irish, bluegrass, and old fashioned gospel music.

Larry sings and plays a guitar that he built over 30 years ago. He attended a Musical Instrument Building and Repair College and became a Certified Luthier. He is still building high quality guitars and mandolins for sale, and repairing violins and other instruments, as well. He is now expanding his wood working shop and will soon be creating handmade fine furniture pieces to order.

Melissa sings and plays keyboard, Irish whistle and her favorite, a beautiful mandolin, that Larry also built over 30 years ago. Melissa is an award-winning songwriter and has written dozens of songs and instrumental tunes.

Following the service is a Baked Potato Meal featuring a variety of toppings for the potato, salads and bars. Free-will donation will be taken.


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