The milk man is back in business in Chester, LS

Years ago, customer service included deliveries. Many remember when the milk man would deliver pints of milk to your doorstep each morning. Well, Neil Vikre, co-owner of Main Street Market Place in LeRoy, is renewing that philosophy for the residents of Lime Springs and Chester.

After learning of the closing of Lime Springs Locker, he decided to try something new. He thought the locals, especially the older generation, might appreciate home delivery of groceries.

Maybe it’ll just be the basics of milk, bread and eggs or perhaps you need grapes and other fresh fruits, cereal, spaghetti sauce or taco shells. Any item at the grocery store can be ordered by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesdays for Wednesday afternoon deliveries. There will be a $25 minimum order and $5.00 trip charge. It will begin Feb. 8.

Vikre said, “We feel that there are people in these towns that need that service. We would deliver to people who live in town.” He added, “If or when the Locker gets a buyer and someone opens up another grocery store, we would stop. We don’t want to step on any toes. We want to help where we can.”

Since this is a new venture, everything may change, depending on usage.

To leave an order, call 507-324-5380 and give your order, name and address.


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