Grabau retires as LS maintenance person

The resignation of maintenance man Dennis “Navajo” Grabau has presented problems for Lime Springs City Council. He gave Mayor Barb Robinson his resignation on Feb. 14, stating he was resigning immediately and retiring. This was one week after he had been suspended for seven days.

This leaves Lime Springs without a maintenance person, whose duties include running the water and sewer plants and maintaining streets, i.e. snow removal in winter.

The deputy maintenance person, Ed Hampe, is able to read meters at the water and sewer plants and Robinson said the numbers will be monitored by a license holder n Cresco. At the Feb. 14 budget workshop, Robinson said, “The council may need to learn how to do it, too.”

A help wanted ad is going in the local paper for a full-time maintenance person. No benefits, hours or wages have not been decided upon yet.

According to Robinson, the maintenance person the City hires does not need to have licenses for the job, but will have to take training as soon as possible. It takes at least six months after training to get the license. In the meantime, Lime Springs will have to be affidavited through another certified operator.

On Feb. 15, representatives of the DNR were in town to look over the water operations.

The City was also scrambling to come up with a plan for snow removal. There is still plenty of time for snow storms this spring. A couple council members offered to help remove snow in a pinch and Hampe can also help with snow removal. The auger on the sand truck is not working, so if there is ice, Council will have to find an alternative.

This is just another storm the City of Lime Springs has to weather, in the midst of storm after storm over the past few years.


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