Beefing up the Lime Springs job market

Jesse Stevens, James Loquai, Michael Kimble, Vanette Grover, Eugene Herman, Darrin Ludwig and Todd Prichard are officers of the new business, Lime Springs Beef, LLC.

Having left Howard County in 1964, after graduating from Crestwood High School, Jesse Stevens began a career path that allowed him the opportunity to connect with extraordinary people.

Now, 48 years later, when retirement is the typical pattern in life, Jesse has chosen a different path. He and his wife, Pat (Peter) have established a presence in Pat’s hometown of Lime Springs in order to establish the first in a chain of unique meat processing plants.

Lime Springs Beef, LLC was officially established on Feb. 8, 2012. The Board of Directors for Lime Springs Beef is a diverse group of really exceptional people. Their contribution of time talent and treasure will launch a business that expects to create 30-35 job opportunities in the Lime Springs area.

The Board is supported by numerous innovative individuals and business enterprises across the country, many of whom have been involved with Stevens in this project since the concept began to formulate in 2006.

Members of the Board of Lime Springs Beef, LLC:

~ Jesse Stevens, President, a native of Bonair, currently resides in Stratham, N.H. Jesse will work from the Stevens’ Iowa domain at 115 E. Main Street, Lime Springs, which serves as headquarters for Lime Springs Beef, LLC and Bonair Enterprise, LLC.

~ Vanette Grover, CFO of Travis & Vanette Grover Farms of Cresco, was elected Treasurer.

~ Darrin Ludwig, co-owner of Ludwig Farms, Elma, was elected Vice-President.

~ Those elected Directors are Eugene Herman, E & R Herman, LLP, New Albin, Iowa; James Loquai, Managing Partner of Excel Financial Online, LLC, Red Wing, Minn.; and Michael Kimble, PhD, President/CEO of Reactive Innovations, Westford, Mass.

~ Todd Prichard, Esq. of Learned, Prichard & Associates, P.C., Charles, City, was selected to be Legal Counsel and elected as Secretary.

Stevens presented the Lime Springs City Council with a brief overview of Lime Springs Beef, LLC at the Feb. 14 City Council Workshop. Stevens told the Council, “The investment in plant and equipment will be $2.5-3 million. We’ll need city water and sewer.”

He reported the proposed site for the beef processing facility is on Hwy. 63 south of Eurofins. Production efficiency will require 30 head per day. Annually, the facility expects to harvest 5,000 beeves on-site and to process another 2,500 carcasses that were harvested on the farm.

As a state-of-the-art meat processing facility, the Lime Springs beef operation will require top-notch employees. “Jason Passmore, Howard County Economic Development Director, told me NICC has an aggressive curriculum for training employees,” Stevens told the council.

Lime Springs Beef, LLC will be differentiated by the principle Know Your Farmer. Every package of meat leaving the plant will be identified, not only as Lime Springs Beef, but also by the farm on which the beef was raised.

Stevens believes, “Today’s meat-eaters are interested in the farmer who produced their food. The consumer is looking for a trusted farmer and will be loyal to that brand. Lime Springs Beef, LLC will create a fantastic opportunity for marketing, which will allow savvy farmers to receive a premium price for their beef.”

Target markets for the meat will be urban areas such as Rochester, Minneapolis and Des Moines, as well as sale through the internet. They also plan to have a retail showroom at the facility.

(Perhaps Lime Springs is getting a locker plant back?)

As the name Lime Springs Beef, LLC indicates, the facility on the drawing board will be limited to cattle. As the enterprise grows, processing other species of animals may be considered. What will remain consistent is the theme Know Your Farmer.

As the business gets off the ground, expect to see more news in the Lime Springs Herald.


3 Responses

  1. This is the most exciting news I can remember reading in the Lime Springs Herald!

    I have thought for some years how wonderful it would be if some new industry could come to our town. Now there is!

    When industry locates in an area, there is always a trickle-down effect. Folks that manage and work there will need support in many forms, quite possibly spawning additional new businesses.

    My hope is that Lime Springs Beef, LLC, will be successful beyond our fondest dreams.

    Good luck and Thank You to Jesse Stevens and all who are involved with this venture.

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