First baby contest

And baby makes five—Luke Donald joined Dana, Keira, Kinze and Carol as the fifth member of the Shea family.

Luke Donald Shea, who was born Feb. 16, 2012, skipped right over newborn and is already wearing Number 1 diapers! He checked into the world weighing nine pounds and was 21 inches long.

That was a little bigger than sisters Keira, age three, at seven pounds, four ounces, and Kinze, age five, at seven pounds, nine ounces.

Big sister Keira said of her baby brother, “He doesn’t cry. (Maybe) once in a while.” Other than a few cries, the entire family, including Mom and Dad, Carol and Dana, says Luke is a good baby. He is also the first baby born in 2012 in the Lime Springs area whose family contacted the Herald to win the contest.

Grandma Mary Ann Shea was the one who called, saying, “A boy—just what they ordered!”

Luke may be a good baby now, but he certainly caused his share of problems during his birth. Carol went in to the Decorah Hospital on Valentine’s Day to get induced, which didn’t work. She stayed there while Dana went home.

“I had to mix up feed.”

Dana farms with brother Matt, who just happened to be on vacation with wife Jess.

The hospital started the drip to induce labor again on Wednesday morning. As the day progressed, Carol kept getting sick. Dana recalls, “She would throw up and then pass out. His heart rate would go down, and they’d wake her up, and he’d be fine.”

The couple did not know they were having a boy but the nurses would sometimes say “he” when referring to the Luke. Since he was taking his time making his entrance, Carol joked, “They said only naughty babies are boys.” Dana added they also thought it was a boy because of the heart rate. “The heart rate on girls is higher. He was on the verge (low side) between girl and boy.”

It was finally decided to do a C-section and little/big Luke was born at 3:25 a.m.

Since coming home, Carol has been sore from the incision so Grandma Mary Ann stays with her to help with chores around the house.

The girls are also in love with their new brother. Carol mused, “They really like him. He’s been an easy transition into the family. They fight over him. Kinze didn’t accept her (Keira) at all!”

Carol added, “Keira can’t sit still but will sit with him for 10 minutes at a time.”

Pretty soon the novelty will wear off, but for now, Luke is the star of the family!

For being the first baby of the year in the Lime Springs area, the Shea family receives:

~ KCD’s-a $25 gift certificate

~ Lime Springs Travel Plaza-$25 gift certificate

~ Elma Locker and Grocery-$15 toward meat and groceries

~ Wemark Chiropractic-mom and baby get a complimentary adjustment ($50 value)

~ Lime Springs Herald-one year subscription


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