Spicing up Sweet Corn Days

by Marcie Klomp

Bean bag tournament, three-day flea market, mechanical bull riding, blessing of harvest equipment. Those are a few of the ideas for Sweet Corn Days that were mentioned at the Community Club meeting on Feb. 20.

Dennis Langreck, beer garden chairman, said the bean bag tournament could be run out of the beer tent. More food vendors will be needed to take care of the extra people attending the celebration on Saturday, Aug. 11.

It would run at the same time as the barbecue contest, which will get more visitors to sample the grub cooked up there.

A mechanical bullriding game may also be part of the festivities on Friday night until Saturday night.

All of these events would be held on Main Street or in Kitchen Park.

At the suggestion of a few vendors last year, Curt Tienter talked with some residents on Sage Street and West Main Street about starting the flea market on their streets on Friday and Saturday. With the cost of fuel, vendors would like to pay more and stay for three days.

Other ideas brought up included:

~ A treasure hunt for kids where quarters are thrown into a busted bale of straw for them to find

~ A rooster poop-type game where squares are sold and a rooster does his business on a square and that person gets the pot. It was mentioned to use the street for bigger squares and throw an ear of corn and where it lands is the winner.

~ A blessing of combines and tractors could be held in anticipation of harvest.

With the locker closing, there was concern about how the club would cook the sweet corn. Butch Burnikel was in charge of the problem. Tienter had a stainless steel tank, and Ron Fitzgerald and Mike Johnson came up with an idea to rig a burner underneath.

The old tank at the locker could cook three bags at one time, this tank is bigger and will accommodate five mesh bags of corn. The club will pay for cost of materials.

Another suggestion for cooking corn was to bring one of the steam engines that visit Mabel Steam Engine Days and use it to cook the corn. All suggestions will be reviewed.

Tienter booked the band Wicked Liquor for Saturday night’s free street dance.

• In other business, Jason Passmore, Howard County Business and Tourism director, spoke about some local businesses. Missy’s Bar and Grill changed hands and is now Miss Green Jeans Bar and Grill. Jesse Stevens is starting a new business, Lime Springs Beef, LLC.

Passmore said, “NE Iowa Housing Trust Fund is in the application acceptance cycle. If you know of folks with low to moderate income, they could receive help with roofs, windows, doors, etc.” He explained what a great program it is. “In the first two sessions, Howard County as a whole put $16,500 into the program and received $92,400. That’s a pretty good investment.”

• Officers were elected for the coming year. The vice-president of the year before usually moves into the presidency, but Walter McIntosh has some health issues. Langreck offered to be president for a second term, “Unless anyone would like to take it other than me.” He was met with much laughter!

Steve Johnson was elected vice-president, Marcie Klomp agreed to be secretary for another term and Tienter was elected Director. Treasurer Jill Johnson is on her second of two years and said she would not be looking to continue next year. Bernard Roesler is also on the second year of his term.

• The club decided to continue with the hanging planters. Burnikel said the group needed to continue with the flowers since it made the town look nice. “We can’t keep quitting stuff. We need to get things looking better.”

He mentioned the Think Tanks held the prior four Mondays. “It was the most interesting thing I’ve went to in this building.” The sessions were to look at Lime Springs and note what the town has going for it, the things it doesn’t and come with ideas to make Lime Springs a better place to live and work.

Duane Copeman mentioned getting more of the bronze statues around town also. The group will not drop this idea.

• Klomp will be in charge of a Welcoming committee for new residents and businesses.

• The “dam” sign at Highway 63 is sinking. James Kitchen offered to talk with the DOT and see if it can be updated and fixed.

• The youth will help with filling the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt on April 7 at their next meeting.

• Beverley Copeman offered to bring treats to the March 19 meeting.



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