Update on Lime Springs Beef

Jesse Stevens keeps Lime Springs City Council up-to-date on his new business.

By Marcie Klomp

“After going through many of these projects, this is the first project where nothing has gone wrong,” Jesse Stevens said of his new venture, Lime Springs Beef, LLC. He spoke and answered some questions of the City Council on March 6.

Stevens commented, “I’ve heard some concerns. We will not be dumping blood into the sewer.”

Council person Corey Gates offered, “The DNR was concerned that we could handle it.” That issue will be taken up with City Engineer George Tekippe, who was also at the meeting.

Mayor Barb Robinson added, “Mr. [Jason] Passmore will walk us through the zoning and planning part. We need nine people on the commission.”

Those nine members are Eric Munkel, Butch Burnikel, Mary Bielefeld, Melba Jenkins, Donna Ihns, Steve Johnson, James Brevig, Jerry Johnson and Brad Johnson.

Stevens, Tekippe and Passmore retired to the council chambers to go over plans for the new business as council proceeded with the regular meeting.

Howard County Business and Tourism

Passmore spoke about some items relevant to Lime Springs.

• He handed out some tickets to Robinson for the HCB&T annual meeting on April 11.

• A small business course will be held March 27, which is free of charge.

• There is still about half a million dollars available in the Revolving Loan Fund, which gives low interest loans to businesses starting or expanding.

• The Howard County and regional Laborshed Analysis is online.

• There is still money left for those with low-moderate income for help with roof, windows, doors, etc. from the NE Iowa Regional Housing Trust Fund. During the last two cycles, Howard County has put $16,500 into the fund and received $92,400. “That’s pretty good return on your money,” Passmore pointed out.


In addition to the accompanying article on sewer and water, road work was brought before the council.

Two years ago, the county dug up the road at the Travel Plaza to repair all the pot holes. It was suggested to have them do it again.

Council member Gary Klomp commented, “With all the building that will be going on out there [with Lime Springs Beef] it would be better to do it now.”

Robinson added, “Jesse would like to have a hard surface road.”

Jones Street (going to the Scott Koster residence) is in bad shape with frost boils and pot holes. Joyce Koster almost got stuck visiting. Robinson mentioned it is pretty wet up there and maybe that was where one of the water leaks is at. It will be checked.

She also said, “With no snow, we’ve been really lucky with snow plowing and sanding. Willard Balk has been a sweetie during this time for offering to help with sanding when a storm has been predicted. He said he will help in any way he can.”

Fire Department

The new rescue van has arrived, and Fire Chief Tony Roberts said, “We are patiently waiting for license plates.” City Clerk Carla Moser told him the check had been cashed by the end of February.

Council talked about selling two trucks and putting an ad in the paper.

“I can’t take the one out of service until the other goes into service,” he said of the rescue vans.

Council wants the trucks weighed for scrap with that amount put as a minimum bid. Bids will be opened at the next fire board meeting.

Roberts is happy with the three new firefighters taking Firefighter 1 training. “I’m getting good reports back.”

Colfax, Carey Streets

After six adjoining property owners objected to the sale of the vacated Colfax Street to Terry Larson at the last council meeting, the City’s attorney, Kevin Schoeberl advised to not make the sale. Larson said at the meeting, “I’d still like to continue with Carey Street.”

Council person Bill contented, “I say we go forward with selling the property.”

Larsons will need to make another proposal to the council stating their desire to purchase the vacated Carey Street.


Mary Stevenson gave the report saying January had 505 patrons with two new country patrons. She added, “Thanks to Barb, the soup supper was a great success.”

The Library is planning a Community Art Show again on May 5.

Community Center

The Community Center has had some issues lately. Moser explained, “The furnace had a leak and damaged three bathroom ceilings and the council ceiling.”

The board has talked about putting rubber under the furnaces with a curb, since this has happened in the past and will probably happen in the future.

Jill Johnson of Johnson Comfort Systems added, “We installed a backflow preventer and put a drain pan underneath it.”

Park and Pool

Moser said, “We are still investigating ADA requirement for the pool. Sandy [Chilson] is having a lot of problems with the Pool Tech representative getting back with her.”

Other Business

• Moser stated, “I got a call from a gentleman who is trying to purchase the Locker. He needs a letter from the city about using the sewer. He said there would be very minimal blood and minimal scraps going down the drain — just like what goes down your drain at home.”

• Libby Schwade was already approved to be on the board of Howard County Community Foundation. Jeff Burnikel was also approved at the March meeting.

• The council voted to give its annual $100 donation to Helping Services.

• Council voted to donate $25 to the Arbor Day Foundation and receive 30 free freesia plants, to be used on public property.

• Pleasant Hill Cemetery and Lime Springs Junior Community Club asked to put letters in water bills in April asking for donations.

• A group is organizing a Welcome Wagon package for newcomers to town.

• The next council meeting will be Tuesday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m. The public is invited.


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